Monday, October 5, 2009

Duality of Obama

From the inauguration onward, President Obeyme has exhibited what is to me an interesting duality. On one hand, he is a clever, ruthless, power-hungry socialist. On the other his is a hopelessly inept dorkasaurus in way over his head. So, which one is the real Obama? Hmmmm... A heaping helping of both, I'd say. He's a new breed of liberal loser who isn't adequately described by any existing political labels, so he merits a new one just for him: D'ohcialist!



  1. He's naive in the sense that he thinks everyone shares the same opinion of him that he has for himself.

    - Hubris unbounded -

    Sometimes people disagree with Dear Leader and the result is a hurtful cry of RACIST! Or he has to give yet another speech to convince people that he's right --- because he couldn't possibly be wrong.

    I think that's what Nicholas Sarkozy was talking about after Dear Leader's shameful speech in the UN.

  2. Perhaps our dear leader, like a certain Star Trek captain, has been split in two by a transporter accident?

  3. LL - Yep. Except for Obama apologizing for his mouthfarts - "I misspoke" kind of stuff - have we ever heard him say anything like "I screwed that up. My bad. I claim full responsibility"?? Nah, and we probably never will, either.

    Infidel - I had the same thought a couple months ago. Some lucky people in an alternate reality have the "good half" of Obama.

  4. Excellent points!

    Like most Democrats, they blame conservatives for problems they themselves cause. Like wage disparity between professional and service workers ( )
    the Democrats create the problem and then blame others.

    Obama can only dance around this for so long. This is why he looks so inept in defending his postions while looks so professional using a teleprompter.

  5. I think like most liberals, they are motivated by an agenda that they keep right in front of their noses, leading to ignorance and severe myopia when it comes to the world stage beyond the agenda.


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