Thursday, October 22, 2009

I have questions

The other day I joked here about Biden trying to hulahoop. I double-pinky-promise that I posted that BEFORE I saw this pic on Drudge. I did NOT steal the idea. But, hey, now that we're talking about Michelle and hulahoops instead of Biden, I have some questions:

Does she own one single belt that doesn't make her look like she's on her way to open casting for a role in Gladiator II?

Why does she wear these belts just below her armpits? Seeing her belts brings to mind stuff like this.

Having hips that span multiple zipcodes - is that an advantage in hulahooping?

How can this be turned into a criticism of Fox News and/or President Bush? Ah, nevermind I'll leave that one to Gibbs. He'll find a way.


  1. tarting to think that these are some sort of "utility belt."

    It's MOBAMA Woman!

  2. Yes! It's a Mobama Woman's Motility Belt!

  3. Has any lst lady been uglier, fuglier, more disgraceful and just plain cloddish than this train wreck! She is an embarrassment. I wish Ladies with class like Laura Bush and Mrs. Reagan were still around.
    And, did you see her hopscotching around barefooted....when new scaqchwatch (sp) footprints show up on the WH lawn, you'll know where they came from.

  4. I'm pretty sure I've seen her belt on a Star Trek episode. Didn't the alien of the week who had captured Kirk use a belt like that to destroy his enemies?

  5. Bunni - maybe that's why her sneakers cost $600/pair - it's 'cuz her bigfoot feet are the size of scuba flippers

    Infidel - It's been a long time, but I remember an episode where the bad guys had belts, and they could push a button and a funky little death beam would come out of their belt and reduce the victim to a little clump of crystals.

    Since our technology isn't that advanced, yet, Michelle achieves the same effect by just giving a person an angry scowl.

  6. she dresses like my 5 yr. old daughter did when i would let her pick out an outfit.

  7. You have a point about the belts innominatus. But Bunni, you are so hard on the woman. Her looks don't upset me in the slightest. It's what comes out of her mouth that grinds me from head to toe. The wide belts should be over her mouth !

  8. Bunni, don't sugar coat it, tell us how you really feel about the Worst Lady...uh....First Lady.


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