Saturday, October 24, 2009

Swine Flu Emergency?

M'kay... Barry's gone and dropped the Big One. I guess now that people are pooh-poohing the climate change crap, he needs a fresh crisis to keep everybody off-balance. I'm already looking forward to the big prime-time speech where he boasts of "600,000 good flu outcomes saved or created by my admistration's policies."

On a barely-related note, I've been itching to shift gears and write something really dark and moody. Not even sure yet what form it would take, but I'm thinking some kind of a barackalyptic distopian thing. You know, like George Orwell would've written right after he'd just watched Red Dawn. That is, if he were an overworked no-name blogger of limited talent instead of, well, Orwell. Anybody interested in that kind of thing?


  1. I would not say limited talent sir. You are quite able, in my opinion.

    Life in Obama's Amerika would be a cross between 1984, and Brave New World. People would have license, but absolutely no freedom. Perversion would be encouraged, and dissent would be crushed.

  2. Bring it on ... I think your stuff is great !

  3. Super blog, I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. I dropped this one on Twitter this morning: If little piggy flu is a national emergency, then Obamaflu is a galactic emergency.

  5. Sounds like ever-so-much fun!

    To read, not write. I think you should, but me wonders if you can do it totally dark and all narrative-y, without snarks or funny lines at least somewhere.

    I don't think you can, personally. Go all dark an' stuff. But I do encourage you to put the engraver on auto-pilot and go for it.

    I expect something by tomorrow afternoon.

    That is all, and just to let you know; if you are captured, the agency will disavow all knowledge of your mission. Good luck.


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