Saturday, October 31, 2009

Great weekend so far!

Just before bed last night, I read that Gavin Newsom is pulling out of the govnah race in Kalifornia. That brought a little bit of joy. I'm not in Cal, but I'm right next door and the junk down there seems to be contagious, and it is good to know that Gavin's strain of stupidity won't be a statewide pandemic.

Then when I got home from work this morning and fired up the 'puter, well, what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a liberal RINO thrown out on her ear! OK, Dede didn't get thrown out, she suspended her campaign. But try to think of something that rhymes with "suspended her campaign." Yeah. Anyway, things are going darned well so far this weekend. As long as I don't get trick-or-treaters dressed up as Obama, it'll go down in history as a Very Happy Day.

Deer season is winding down around here, but thankfully people are still filling their RINO tags in upstate NY!
Feel free to jack this pic if you like it.


  1. Thanks ... I stole your photo. You're right, it's been a great day for news.

  2. Yeah, I'll likely be taking that pic too. It's too good to pass up!

  3. A win for the good buys (though I hear Jerry Browne is running for govenah of Cauli-for-nia, so...).

  4. So, any Obama trick-or-treaters, zombie or otherwise?

    Great news about another RINO scalp.

  5. Actually no trick-or-treaters at all this year. Just a few loud drunks stumbling their way down the street.

  6. Glad to see you had a RINO in your scope; I hear they're hard to field dress and that most of the meat tastes gamey. But as a trophy, it's something we can all enjoy! At least it's not in my HOUSE, or Senate for that matter.

  7. It was a good weekend for News!
    I luv your photo! We need to go Rino hunting.

    BTW, Dr. Dave posted his comments, and you and I were thinking the same thing with the "rosebud" reference...hee hee GMTA

  8. Just a few loud drunks?


    That was my son and his buds.

    Go Beavs!

  9. aA, it is true that your skinning knife may never be the same after a RINO hunt.

    OG, it seems the hot costume this year among the college chickies was "whore" - just wear as little as possible. A young man with a few beverages in him would have had a lot of reason to make some noise.


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