Monday, October 12, 2009

New workout regimen

Seems like the dolts in DC have managed to keep their flub-ups out of the news so far today. Not much to snark about. So, let's talk a little about me! Yay!


I am lazy. Well, for a guy that works two jobs, that is. The closest I come to getting real exercise is when I scoot in my little roll-y office chair from one computer all the way across my workspace to the other computer about 10' away.

Since I've pretty much mastered that, I think I'll stop spraying Tri-Flow on the chair wheels. You know, just to allow a little more friction. That's called resistance training. Oooh, I can feel the burn in my quadriceps already starting!


  1. You could push one of the desks a little closer to the other, you know.

  2. Work it! Feel that burn. I've mastered the side-scoot in my wheeled chair. Desk-to-printer-and-back again style baby!

  3. You know, you can enhance your routine by lifting donuts in a curling motion from the box to your mouth. Just saying...

  4. This sounds a lot like the Obama work out of late... meeting after meeting over Afghanistan. Although.. in Obama's case, His meetings are for the purpose of figuring out the best way to avoid responsibility for defending the country.

    In any event, look out for rug-wrinkles or you'll wind up on injured reserve.

  5. My son sent this to me today;

    From Onion.


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