Friday, October 2, 2009

And the Gold Medal goes to...

Anyway, I whined enough earlier about my ideas being used before I could post them. Then I thought I had another pretty good idea about the left trying to spin this unspinnable gigafail - only to find out that they actually are spinning this as a positive. What else is left? I got nuttin' that ain't already been done by others, so here are a few of them: (for new web users, forgetful people, or total idiots: clicky the pic-y to for biggie version)

Obviously, this is from Fail Funnies

(Meh, link broke. Oh well. It says "Hey look at me, I'm an attention whore!"

This one is from Ace

This one is from a funny site I just bumped into today, called Op-Toons.

This vid from iOTW has also been making the rounds.


  1. While I love EVERYTHING IOTW's boys and girl (admingirl, that is) do, I have to say the one from Ace is hands down the best.

  2. Thats the funnest and best post on this topic I've seen. The only thing that comes close is seeing the crowd downtown Chicago getting kicked in the crotch. Ace's is the best, agree.

  3. I see the International Olympic Committee has decided to defy the most powerful person in America. By that I mean Oprah. And one defies Oprah at their own peril. If I were the IOC I'd be afraid...very very afraid.

  4. I agree with Landshark, the expressions on their little faces was priceless.

    I just woulda liked to see BHO's face. That would have been the pizza de resistol!

  5. so glad the ioc didn't fall for dear leader's "charms" the way so many here did in november.


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