Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Congrats to our counterterrorist guys

Congrats to our counterterrorist guys. Sounds like they hooked a pretty good sized buttfish in Massachusetts. This bad guy and his buds have been prepping for an assault on a shopping mall, evidently for quite a while, and even talked about assassinating some high-ups in the past Bush administration.

I give props to the investigators who ferreted this guy out and busted him. An attack like they planned could be quite devastating. It may lack the "pizazz" of kamikaze-ing airliners into buildings, but that's what makes me more thankful to the guys who nailed him. The bad guys didn't tip their hand with telltale "I just wanna learn how to fly, not take-off or land" nonsense. They tried to keep it on the down-low and still got caught. Heh.

While the investigators did a great job, they were helped by the fact that terrorists are stupid. Generations of listening to the lies of a false religion + generations of inbred cousin-humping = angry stupid people. Am I really to understand that you losers really need to go to Yemen or Iran or Lower Stinkistan to get training in how to attack unarmed civilians in a crowded location? No wonder our guys kick your butts everywhere we go. You suck. **If I were evil enough to want to want to kill my countrymen, it would only take about 3 seconds to come up with a viable plan. Oops. Dang it! Without even really trying, it just kind of popped into my head:

Step 1. Get gun(s).
Step 2. Go to crowded place.
Step 3. Yell some crap in Arabic about allah's snackbar.
Step 4. Shoot infidels.

Not very hard, which is what makes me thank the guys who are defending us from these idiots. We haven't suffered a significant terrorist attack in years, despite the relative ease in which an attack could be implemented. Good job counterterrorist agents!

** Note to counterterrorist agents who might stumble on this blog entry:
  • Though it may appear that I just planned an attack a few paragraphs ago, I am NOT EVIL enough to want to kill my countrymen, or see them come to any other harm. Except when fat drunk people get tazered by cops. I'm OK with that.

  • I think terrorists SHOULD be waterboarded. With picante sauce.

  • If that kid-buggerin' mohammed were alive today, I'd muster the stickiest loog I could, from the lung-butteryest depths of my chest, and fire it right into mo's eye.

  • I'm probably now going to need bodyguards 24/7 to protect me from the followers of the 'Religion of Peace' who are deeply, deeply offended by this post


  1. Massachusetts is a magnet for these guys, which really creeps me out. Kudos to everyone in the intelligence community who work to keep us safe.

  2. I like 'water'boarding terrorists with hot sauce

  3. I'd do it with vodka...wait, that's for me!

  4. Those guys are tops in my book!

    The COUNTERterrorist guys, not their targets. Even with an administration and media and "justice" dept. who all seem dead-set on making the bad guys dead or at least talk.

    I think they should be waterboarded with boards. I'll bet THAT would make them talk.


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