Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dude, Obama's on SNL!

Dude, put it on SNL.
Dude, do it yourself. You got the remote. Besides, that show like, sucks.

Whatevs, dude. It's not like there's much else on. Where's the bong?
Dude, you took the last rip. It's wherever you left it. Probably in the kitchen, from when you got up to get more salsa.

Heh. Dude. You're right.
Dude, look, they got Obama on SNL!

Dude!! How can they say that Obama hasn't accomplished anything? That's like, so wrong, dude.
Yeah, dude. He like had some kind of office back in Indiana or Iowa or one of those I states. That's something!

Dude, he also like, won an election! Are they sayin' that that's nothing now, dude?
Dude, I dunno. It's like, they're mad that he's like, kinda black or something.

Dude, what's Gitmo?
Dude, are you stupid? Gitmo was like, the main dude in Gremlins. But I didn't even know he had a store. But if Obama says it should close, then it should close. Probably selling unsafe pets or something, dude.

Oh yeah, dude. I remember. Look, I'm eating nachos after midnight, dude! I wonder if I'll turn into a gremlin?
Shut up, dude. You're even less funny than SNL.

Dude, that hurts.
Have you seen that vid of the little kids singing to Obama, dude?

Which one, dude? There's like, lots of 'em now.
The one where the kids are all like, Mmm Mmm Mmm.

Oh, dude, that one rules.
Yeah, dude. Those little kids get it. Heh, dude, the other day I could hear my dad straining on the toilet. He was going like, Nguuh Nguuh Nguuh. It kinda like reminded me of that vid, dude. It was like the same tempo and everything.

Dude! You should like, totally put that on YouTube!
Dude? It's not like, uh, nevermind dude. I forgot what I was going to say, anyway.

Dude, we should have bought more chips.


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