Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This one got me good

So, Sunday night I only got about 3.5 hours of sleep, so the late-nite-stupids hit me kind of early yesterday. It was about 9pm when I'd had enough and decided to go to bed. The dogs had had a little wrestling match on the bed, and while my wife fixed that up I figger'd I'd check my blog feed to see if there was anything new. Next thing you know, I have that sleep-deprived uncontrollable laugh thing going on, all thanks to this post at i Own The World. My wife asked what was so funny, so I tried to tell her: "OK, there's this comic of, of, gahaaahaaaa! OK, just a sec. Heehee. Alright, Obama and Limbaugh are g, g, golf, gaaahaaahaaaa! OK, ok, I'm gonna just tell you real fast before I crack up again. Snort. '...sewed to my face' Graahaaaaheeeeheee! Can't breathe!"

Click over there and see if it really is that funny or if I'm just some loopy crackhead who cracks up too easily.


  1. Yeppers. Pretty good work. But I didn't snort until I saw Ann Coulter running the drinks cart.

  2. It is so brilliant, it is BEYOND funny. Finally, when BO figures it out, you almost feel sorry for him. Yes, Ann Coulter is a killer touch. And how did he get Rush so right? Cool, way ahead of the game, could make it rain if he wanted to.

    It will be so long till next Tuesday!

  3. This was very funny! I liked Ann at the end too. Obummer looks his usual psycho self, can he even hit a golf ball?


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