Monday, October 12, 2009

Hillary sighting!

So, the Smartest Woman in the Worldtm has escaped from Jor-Bama's Phantom Zone of Irrelevance long enough to take a little trip to London, Dublin, Belfast & Moscow. How nice. I, for one, LOVE IT when Wonder Woman travels. It ALWAYS yields good comedy material. If it were up to me, she and Biden would be much more visible. 'Cuz, ya know, if Obama and his crew are gonna turn our nation into a laughingstock, we might as well get a couple laughs out of it too. But we won't be hearing about any of her triumphant diplomatic triumphs for a while. For now, we can only speculate...

1. Hillary makes it all the way from the plane to the limo without having to use a small child as a human shield against sniper fire.

2. Hillary presents Lavrov with an "Overcharge Button Reset Button" as a gift, to reboot US-Russian linguistic understandings. Lavrov, who just moments before had finally regained his composure after convulsively laughing his butt off for months on end after Hillary's first reset button boo-boo, falls down laughing and suffers a skull fracture. Putin, unamused, (does that guy ever smile?) then gives Barry a very scary glare that causes a panicking Obama to accidentally blow a snot bubble on live TV.

3. A teenager in London asks Hillary "Why are you here, instead of the real Secretary of State? You know, that guy that actually accomplishes diplomatic things like the rescue of those girls caught in Norf Korea?" Hillary then rips the kid to pieces and dines on his soul, re-establishing a bit of the global respect we've lost over the last 9 months.

4. ?????


  1. I wonder if anyone will ask her what her husband thinks...again?

  2. She was seen over at IOTW, as the posterchild for

  3. Well, after watching Obeyme for so long, Hillary DOES look smart! No less eeevil, but at least smarter than YoUR president...

    Sorry, I was only kidding when I called him "YoUR president"...I don't want to get banned from the site. As a geezer, I have grown accustomed to my dose of Innominatus.


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