Friday, October 2, 2009

Rush Limbaugh, please SHUT UP!

Since first hearing about Barry screwing up the Olympics (it's like the Special Olympics out there) I've been brainstorming how I'm gonna have fun blogging on it when I get some spare time. My post is pretty much "finished" in my brain, though I need an hour or so to turn it into bits and bytes. But Limbaugh is on a tear and HE'S STEALING ALL MY IDEAS! Zip it, bud! Leave me something to work with, K?


  1. That's why, if I haven't posted on a given day, I just don't listen to him.... The man is walking (or sitting, as it were) brilliance.

  2. don worry about it. yours is a different format anyway. plus not ALL of us listen to talk radio.

  3. So THAT's where Limbaugh gets' his material? You're his brain trust!

  4. Rush was hilarious today, but don't sweat it. This gaffe is the gift that will keep on giving.

  5. I agree with everyone else. I only accidentally heard about 20 minutes worth of Rush and AM frequency commercials yesterday.

    And if Rush had to engrave more trophies, he wouldn't have so dang much time to be a millionaire with his cleverosity.

    You rock anyhow, Innominatus! (is that your real name?)

  6. THis was funny! I know everyone is having a field day with the EPIC FAIL of O's bid. He's such a retard. And he dissed the special olympics...that'll teach him.

    I made some fun at him over at my place too!
    Being from Chicago, I had to.


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