Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Appeasers, beware!

I rule the swamps and burrows. I lurk 'neath logs and limousines; my vengeance is with me. Malaise makes me stronger. Your weakness is my call-to-arms. I lay in wait; my moment again draws near. Some dare believe that I do not exist. They do so at their peril. James Earl Carter believes. He has felt the wrath. He has gone the sleepless nights, fearing my return. I am the stuff of liberal nightmares. I am dread thoughts given form.

Will I come by land or sea? Will my humiliation of you be public or private? Yes... Continue your futile questioning. You will not know the day or the hour of my strike. You will continue to tax and spend, continue to appease and appall, continue to hope against hope that I am a myth, continue to believe that you might somehow avoid my retribution. It is at that very time that I shall appear. When your hypocrisy is at its zenith, and the darkness o'er the land is at its greatest, I shall arise. Your Nobel will not protect you. Your lofty rhetoric shall come to no avail. The mighty shall fear and flail against me; the humble shall cheer the beclowning of their oppressors.

And with strange aeons even liberal wussiness may die


  1. lol...i don't remember hearing about the swamp bunny story. new to me...thanks.

  2. The Swamp Bunny of Doom with apparent mad ninja skillz. What's his war cry?

  3. I suppose it's only a matter of time before someone calls the swamp bunny racist.

  4. Innominatus! Just Brilliant. I had forgotten about this story! My ancestor had used their ninja skills to strike fear into mr. peanuts' heart! All these dems are such woosies, they are scared of a cuddly bunny.

    I just loved this post...and of course the bunny! I am going to nick him, and save him for a cute time on my blog! He'll fit in very well with the squirrel warriors.

  5. labcat - we all need reminded from time to time just how lame Jimmuh Cartah was.

    Red - hadn't thought about that. Maybe paint his face blue and have him yell FREEEEEEEDOM!!!!

    aA - danke

    Infidel, Matt - the swamp bunny, like you and I, is a racist in the modern liberal "everything is racist" sense. I think that makes him a neoracist.

    AB - I figured on tipping you to this post when I got church tonight, but I see you've already found it. Cool.

  6. AAAahhh! I hadn't seen Bunni's web site when i sent you the pics.. oh well, great minds think alike, eh?

  7. That was great! I hope swamp bunny turns up at the WH or at least gives Jimmah another scare.


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