Monday, October 19, 2009

Medical marijuana??

Wow, I haven't posted since Thursday evening. What a fat lazy old bastage I'm becoming. I still don't have much fer ya. But the Obama obministration has announced that they aren't going to go after users of "medical marijuana" in states where it is legal. Here in Oregon it is legal - and increasingly common. Some will cheer a victory for states' rights. I'm big on states' rights, but I'm not too fired up about this. It turns out that a very small number of doctors are responsible for the VAST majority of medical marijuana prescriptions, and these so-called doctors will give you weed for just about anything. I could go to them and say "Hey, I'm a blogger who hasn't been able to think of much to blog about lately and it is causing me emotional distress!" and they'd just hand me a baggie of bud and a little card. That really isn't much of an exaggeration. It's ridiculous. I can't wait for the Lars Larson show this afternoon, when the triumphant stoners start calling in. Their comments are certified USDA Grade AAA Stupid and therefore hilarious.

On an unrelated note, there was a pretty bad accident on my street this morning, about two houses down. I got a pretty good look at it on the way to work a few minutes ago. One of the vehicles involved was a mid-'70s Ford pickup that whacked a utility pole. The pole was broken and leaning out over the street, about 30o off the vertical, but the mangled truck was still holding it up. It was totally apparent that moving the truck would bring the whole mess right to the ground, hard. There were about a sixpack of utility guys in their orange safety vests just standing there with a "what the bloody heck are we supposed to do??" kind of look on their face. Hopefully I won't have to eat cold pork-n-beans straight out of the can by flashlight for dinner this evening, but I really can't picture how they're going to fix it without interrupting power and/or utterly mangling my neighbor's front yard.


  1. Perhaps someone with a load of medical marijuana in their system drove into the utility pole?

    And why won't they let me bring in my "medical six-pack of beer" to work? I have a doctor's note?

  2. Should have titled this post "Medical Mowie-Wowie" ;-D

  3. Duuuuude, where can i git sum moar of that goooood weeed? the docters sez thats its bad for teh brain, but i feelz grate!

  4. You don't need da weed for de good posts, mon. you jus' need ta relax a little. :D

    I knowz how u feels, sometimes you're just dry, but it's gonna reconstitute.

  5. Obummer has so many other things he should be doing, yet the crack head does this. Unbelievable.
    Why can't he do it in Chicago! Talk about stress, I need to mellow out.

  6. Clearly this was the most important thing on the White House agenda in these few months.

    And now we get to create a new nickname for Chairman Zero:


  7. Lars Larson used to be in Reno. Those guys do get around.

    Some day I'll have to tell a few stories about my days with the telephone company and "car poles".


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