Thursday, March 31, 2011

Comment(s) of the Week

Andy says this one's been going around, but I hadn't heard it yet:
Solution to the problem in Libya: They want a new Muslim leader. I say, give them ours.

A few posts back I received:
I don't just reach into the fridge and grab, either. Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with dog food; I'd swear I caught a hint of coriander root as it was in the microwave

 In the context of the whole comment it makes total sense. But on its own it sounds really, well, a little too Charlie Sheen which is why it cracked me up.  So I'll leave skip the attribution for now. 

Y'all are awesome!


  1. I believe we'd get the better of the deal.

  2. I agree with Infidel de Manahatta. We would getting rid of a lot of useless baggage.

  3. Infidel and Teresa are correct. In fact, I'd say trade Obama for Kadaffi, and a tyrant to be named later. It'll be the trade of the century.

  4. OMG..lmbo luv that comment INNO! .Have a sweet weekend my friend!:)


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