Friday, March 25, 2011

Oregon is great except when it sucks

From by way of Instapundit comes a way-too-intimate look at Oregon's "First, um, couple" at the National Governors Association meeting in DC. I don't really expect you to read the oregonlive story.  But it is kind of funny in that "makes you want to give somebody a swirly" kind of way.  It is so loaded with annoyances and absurdities that commenters there are wondering whether it is satire. 

To those not in the know, Governor Kitzhaber is shacking up with a young'un named Cylvia (who all-too-gladly includes a pic of herself in a very backless gown).  Maybe the idea of the governor living in sin is bothersome to you; maybe you don't care.  But Cylvia has been making FAT BANK on government contracts for the last several years.  When asked when/if she and the Gov would marry, she said that wasn't happening because then she wouldn't be able to bid on all those LUCRATIVE GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS.  Maybe the First Lady Shack-Up-Honey getting to bid is bothersome to you; maybe you don't care.  Maybe you're just danged freaking glad you don't live in Oregon.

By the end of the article, Cylvia is even comparing herself to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  If you don't read the article you should at least bookmark it for those occasions when you need to induce vomiting.


  1. Why am I thinkin' of those old "Don't Californicate Orygun" tee shirts? The mind works in the strangest ways...

  2. I'm shocked. It's almost like the elite do not have to play by the rules we do.

    Nah, that can't be it.

  3. I thought prostitution was only legal in Nevada.

    Still better than California though.

  4. Mr. Blogger apparently ate my comment. He really has it in for me lately! And now I can't remember what it was, but it had something to do with your gov ramping up to enter Louisiana politics, so just use your imagination.

  5. Yeah, it cracked me up too. The thing that strikes me, is how dumb they seem. How can they be so rich and powerful, if they are so dumb?

  6. I had that story tabbed for a couple of days, thinking it might make good blog material. But honestly, I couldn't come up with anything. Cyl is so vapid that I couldn't do her justice. Nuptially Agnostic Tee-hee, isn't that just special?

    The idiocy speaks for itself.

  7. Oh. Sorry, she spells it nuptually. Twit.

  8. Inno, when I looked at the photo of your Goober, I thought, "Well...not so bad in the looks dept., even though I'm sure he's a candidate for a drool bib because he MUST be a dimocrap."

    But then I looked at his gal-pal, and thought, "Jeeeeeeeeeezussssss...that is one skag of a political ho." Really, that's what I thought. I know I'll probably go to hell for taking the Lord's name in vain, and for making sport of that skag of a political ho, but I'll repent when I get finished typing this comment.

    Moogie kinda' stolden my thunder about your Goober moving south the The Bayou State. He would fit right in with half the freakazoids we've got (on both sides of the aisle) in the legislature.

    I love posts like this...because even though I find my own Goobernor to be an extreme disappointment, and a big fake (well...little skinny fake), at least he is a fine fambly man, and married to a gorgeous, classy chick that does not EVER cause Louisiana ANY MORE national embarrassment.

    Dude...what a skag!!! Seriously.

  9. The Garden State does this like every five minutes. Our corruption totally beats yours, Inn.


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