Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Arms! No, not here. In Libya.

Jay Carney is out there telling us that nothing is decided yet, but pResident Peace Prize has already signed off on arming the rebels in Libya.  Yeah, well, arming the mujahadeen in Afghanistan was all fun-n-games while they were shooting down Soviet helicopters but then a funny thing happened...  They morphed into the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and turned those guns on us.  But things are different, now.  We have The One on our side so, no worries, right?  If everything goes to crap he can always go to Cairo and give another speech.  It'll all be cool.

Most US States: No private ownership of full-auto weapons, period

Class III States like Oregon:  Full-auto allowed if the gun was manufactured prior to 1986 and you pay $200 per year per gun for the Class III permit.

Psycho Al-Qaeda-linked muzzies killing each other in the desert:  "Here's your boatload of free machine guns and ammo, courtesy of the American taxpayers.  Enjoy!"


  1. We might make better use of that here. The guns, not the crazed extremists.

  2. Oh come on Inno, it makes the Libs feel so good.


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