Friday, March 4, 2011

Stylish Blogger redux

Have any of you received multiple Stylish Blogger Awards?  I now have at least three.  The original from Tale of Two Buckskins, one from Six at the Warrior Class, and also from Harvey at Bad Example.  The Supreme Court hasn't ruled on it yet, but I'm pretty sure that having the most Stylish Blogger Awards makes one cooler than one's peers.  So, for the moment, I am sure that I am "all that." 

A couple days ago, it was suggested at Manhattan Infidel's place that my cult and his be merged.  But I think the only Stylish Blogger he's been awarded is the one I gave him.  Which hasn't yet even been accepted and displayed.  Why would I stoop to merging with somebody who only has ONE SINGLE Stylish Blogger Award?  And I bet he'd want to share the Leadership Role.  This would lead to a standoff like we're seeing in Wisconsin.  Messy stuff.  Then the government would want to act as arbitrator and it would get even messier.  Ugh.  I'm not sure if I even want to be in a cult if I can't be the full-time leader.

See, in terms of pure "looks" I have what it takes to be a cult leader.  My mug would look right at home alongside these freaks.  But I lack the "charisma" that is required.  Geez, that Applewhite guy was able to convince guys to whack their own sacks off.  Koresh got his people to die in a fire and Jones served up the Koolaid.  I don't have that kind of sway over people.


See?  Nobody does what I tell them.  This post has been up for, like, five minutes and I still don't have a sandwich.  So I think the whole cult merger thing is a bad idea.  I think blogging in obscurity is more my speed.


  1. This post has been up for, like, five minutes and I still don't have a sandwich.

    No witty comments, either. I'm thinkin' "cult leader" just ain't yore gig. But I COULD be wrong.

  2. Buck - You're flirtin' with excommunication. Better watch yerself! :)

  3. Ahem. What was that my ol' bud once said? Sumthin' about bein' thrown out o' better places than this?

    On second thought: Nah. This IS one o' the better places t'be.

  4. You are so complete by yourself. Not only that, but you have absolutely nothing to offer a cult leader. If it weren't for the insults we sling at you, you would have no comments at all. Stick to what you know best ... nothing.

  5. here's a hot ham-n-cheese. you're welcome. and pit-bulls have been stylish for years...where have you been?

  6. I think you're stylin man. Those guys had foolish followers. Just ask all the ones who "drank the koolaide". PS: Thanks for that carter bunny, it was great ;-)

  7. Sorry dude, like this joint, but I feel no motivation to die for ya. I don't think your mania is sufficient.

  8. If you were being attacked by a giant philly cheesesteak or that chick from the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, I would fearlessly take your place, Inno. Er, I mean Dear Leader.

  9. Glad you reconsidered merging.
    Remember, if you ain't the lead dog, the view never changes!
    That sandwich was good.

  10. I'm not sure you have crazy enough eyes to be a cult leader, Your Worship. But, maybe you could merge your Stylish Bloggers with Andy's Stylish Boogers.

  11. I have a "Thinking Blogger Award".

    Probably because I'm not all that stylish.

  12. See, Moogie knows WTH she speaks of. There is no better award than Andy's Stylish Booger award.

    I'm gonna be selling 'em cheap...and pretty soon, too. Along with my "The Gooble Is Wrong" T-shirts.

    Inno, I'm sorry I can't let you in on my little birds nest on the ground, though. I mean, we could merge blooger awards, but since I only got ONE, and you gots three, two odd numbers put together would be like a bad omen or something...and I can't afford no more bad Carma.

  13. If you need any wockets, call me flirst!
    -Great Reader KIM Jong IL

  14. I used to want to be a third world dictator, but then I realized, it is just way to much paperwork

    Here you go:

  15. There can be only one cult leader. No not Pete Best.

    But there can only be one supreme leader. In the interests of blogger harmony I decree we both step down and nominate King Shamus.

    Oh, and anyone up for some Wham!


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