Monday, March 7, 2011

Death to houseflies!

Alright, that last post was about as fun as a root canal.  To lighten your mood, be aware that I just shot down a housefly with a propane torch.  He had been buzzing around and bothering me for much of the day.  I had the torch out to warm a piece of brass 'cuz it's kinda old and the clearcoat was getting brittle.  Nothing like a little blowtorch action to "wake up" the clearcoat on an old sheet of brass.  Fly came within range and with a quick flick of the torch I got just enough of him.  He spun out and landed on his back doing pathetic little figure-eights on the floor before I made him well-done.



  1. I just use a squirt bottle filled with a mix of Dawn detergent and water. Good for the reflexes; it knocks 'em down and kills 'em, and it leaves a clean, fresh scent!

  2. YOU ARE DA MAN! I love torching insects. My experience has been limited to the "WD 40 and a lighter" method.

    But Propane! Hank Hill would be proud!

    GO INNO!

    (chanting while making a sandwich...)

  3. That's pretty cool, Inno. I usually just use a flyswatter.

    I save my propane torch for stray cats that leave paw prints on my car.

  4. "I just shot down a housefly with a propane torch."


  5. I once had a big old horsefly buzzing around the office. I picked up a flyswatter, but he wouldn't light. Finally I took a swing at him in midair. Connected like a tennis serve. Thwack! He went shooting across the room and smacked the wall so hard it knocked him cold.

  6. awesome. that makes me miss my zapper tennis racket thing that i lost. it was loads of fun.

  7. When it comes to a pesty fly, no method should be deemed overkill.

  8. We have flies here in July that will buzz around your head 20 at a time. I've tried a paddle, shop vac, and now my favorite is a bug zapper. I leave it on and when the flies get to being too much for sanity, I close the garage door and turn out the lights. They put on quite a light show, and revenge is SO SWEET! I will do this around once an hour. When the flies are all on the floor (about 50) I open the door. This part will crack you up. The ants come in and pick up the flies and carry them away to their underground torture chamber. Revenge is sweet!

  9. Such hate-filled rhetoric.

    Have we learned nothing from Tuscon?

    Well, hopefully the housefly was a teabagger.

    You see, it's only when Liberals use hate-filled rhetoric targeting conservatives that it's okay.

  10. MAX - Didn't know Dawn was deadly. I'd probably slip where the mist settled on the floor and split my skull.

    aA - Been there, too. A WD torch is about the most fun a person can have for under $5.

    Andy - OK, I've read that cat thing about 5 times now and still I laugh.

    Red - Thanks.

    Gordon - That would have been very satisfying. Horseflies and their ilk are so disgusting.

    Christopher - They plump when ya cook 'em!

    cathysue - ooooh! I didn't know there was such a thing! I'd use it so much it might actually get me into shape!

    Manowonder - no quarter, no mercy. Only death. You remind me of an episode from high school when this kid named Murph caught a fly right out of the air. Then he pulled its wings off. The teacher said "Murph, what are you doing?" He replied "Playing with my walk." "Your walk?" "Yeah, it was a fly but I ripped its wings off so now it's a walk."

    Infidel - I bet Jared Laughner torched insects, too.

  11. Your hand-eye coordination is nothing but dazzling. I'm in awe. Srsly.


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