Thursday, March 24, 2011

Take a humor break

If you're a snooty highbrow NPR listener you should stay away from this video that Jihad Gene has up.  The rest of you will likely find it quite funny.


  1. Pretty good! What's with this bad-mouthing NPR listeners? I like NPR... and I'm not all THAT snooty, unless it's about beer.

  2. Christopher - gladly!

    Buck - Most of my readers take after me, and are only a couple generations removed from cavemen. I keep forgetting that I get the occasional manor-born nobleman type. Apologies. :)

  3. A couple generations removed from cavemen? Thanks for so much credit.
    I love the humor Inno!

  4. Funny video, Thanks Psst! Guess I'm with "the rest of you" group :)


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