Thursday, March 17, 2011

UN/NATO to strike Libya?

The roof, the roof of Libya's on fire
We don't need no water, let the...

So the Euros finally feel like doing something about the madman.  Fine.  I have no major problems with the French and others riding to the rescue of the rebels.  But as far as I'm concerned, this whole clusterf is not worth ONE SINGLE AMERICAN CASUALTY!

I suppose I "should" care more about the human suffering going on there.  But... I just don't care that much...  I s'pose that makes me some kind of "Cold Heartless Bastard"TM.   Call me what you will.  I'm convinced that these rebels who are now begging the West to pull their butts out of the sandtrap are the same people who used to ululate and cheer and shoot their AKs in celebration of every downed airliner or bombed disco club.  I'm further convinced that once the West pulls their butts out of the sandtrap, they will quickly revert to these disgusting behaviors. 

Unmanned drone aircraft?  I'm OK with that.  Ramming a cruise missile right up the Colonel's tentflap?  I'm VERY OK with that.  But not one American boot on the ground or one American pilot put in peril of being shot down.  These barbarians aren't worth any more of our blood.


I am now a blogging celebrity.  At least for the moment...

Google has me in the top 2 or 3 (depending on wording) for this topic.  Adjust your opinions of me accordingly.


  1. We all know you're a star Inno, you don't have to provide proof. Does this mean that I should allow web-crawlers access to get more hits?

  2. Damn straight your a star Inno, and I wholeheartedly agree, no American boots on the ground, fire cruise missiles until Libya is a parking lot, maybe a few laser guided rectum rockets, but none of our boys.

  3. Deb - I have mixed feelings about web-crawlers. I get a few hits from the search engines but they're usually from people that don't stick around long or comment. My traffic is VERY low - like 30 or so a day - but I get quite a bit of feedback from the readers. This is much more satisfying to me than getting 1000s of hits but no interaction w/ the readers.

    Randy - Thank ya. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this isn't worth bleeding over.

  4. I think that the feedback is the best. At least it lets you know that someone, somewhere out there is having a listen to what you have to say (in my case, not much important OR funny). Thx for bein' there. I know that I don't comment much, but a lot of what you put up I'm not knowledgable enough to sound the least bit intelligent. Better to keep yer mouth shut and be thought stupid than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt, is how I was raised.

  5. Well, I could try to do more stuff about Canada, but then I'd be the ignorant one. I've only visited the SW corner of BC, and that was back in 8th grade. Seemed pretty cool, though.

  6. Excellent work Innominatus. You are now a star.

  7. Inno, totally agree with you on this.
    Thanks for saying the words.
    For once we (The USA) need to just stay out of it.
    Congrats on the new STAR statis!

  8. Congratulations on your celebrity status. As for the other topic ... Let them eat sand!

  9. I know how you feel. I certainly wouldn't want to risk my life and go into Libya, so I can't say with a straight face that we should get involved. If you make it completely voluntary, so that even dissenting soldiers don't have to go, then I don't see the problem. But as for compelling us to aid them, I have many problems with that.

  10. it's kinda hard to care about that when i'm more worried about how much my grocery bill will be this week.

  11. I am definitely with you on this. I count a lot of Marines among my friends so I am strongly opposed to The Shores of Tripoli, Part Deux.

  12. Inside classified Hill briefing, administration
    spells out war plan for Libya
    Liberals should be slack-jawed. President Peace
    has a third war on deck.


    I agree that the "rebels" are no better than the current regime. Ultimately, they may be even worse.

    Congrats on the star status, btw. I don't know what my Google rank is, but there's a couple of tracking widgets on my site that give a pretty good view of what's going on.

  13. Congratulations on your new-found celebrity status. Can the million dollar book deal be far behind.

    As far as U.S. casualties. You are right. These rebels are just waiting to turn on us.

  14. Ah. Finally. At last I know a real, bona-fide celebrity!

    I agree, as well, about the US going into or over Libya. No more "Team America, World Police," thank ya.

  15. I want Daffy in a shallow grave but I agree, no Americans in peril.

  16. You have always been full of insightful and funny wit and wisdom, and now are recognized as a bona fide rabble rouser!

    Can you say "gubmint watch list"?

    I know I watch you, Nameless Brother!

  17. Innominatus,

    I am all at sea on this one. I know Mohamar-babes is a dirty, rotten, sumbitch but I do remember him shedding his nukes and promising a beatdown of the Al Queda folks in his country.

    Basically, he came to Jesus when "W" started kicking the crap out of the towel heads in Iraq and The 'Stan.

    I dunno; guess I dislike our beloved Pantload that much that I am willing to give Daffy Duck a pass.

    Being a UCLA graduate, to me it's kinda like when USC plays Notre Dame. I don't know who to root for to lose. So I just pray that a huge crevasse opens up and both teams fall in.

    (Not really but you get the idea.)

    ..coming to love your site, by the way and appreciate your comments over on mine.

  18. Great post all around. Congrats on the awesome Google ranking as well.

  19. I completely agree with your assessment regarding it not being worth American lives. Seems like there is never a proper good side to pick in these fights. Didn't we end up helping folks that became the Taliban, back when the Soviet Union was all in the 'stan? Didn't we help Saddam Hussein back in the day? Who are we helping if we support Libyan rebels? I don't have the answer to this question. All I'm saying is, the devil you know might be better than the devil you don't.

  20. Inno, I gotta learn you about posting screenshots of The GoobleSearch results.

    I know you're new at this...


    It's a rule. You MUST rub their noses in it, and make 'em like it.


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