Thursday, March 10, 2011

Union label

Matt, the Head Honcho at the Conservative Hideout gives us a look at the tactics employed by the unionistas in Wisconsin.

What a fine bunch of folks...


  1. The classless have really come out of the woodworks.

  2. Wisconsin 1, The Union 0
    America is waking up.

  3. We need unions. But public sector unions? I wonder if all the libs protesting are going to move to Wisconsin and agree to pay the taxes to fund those living off the public teat.

  4. Even FDR noted that unions are incompatible with government; thus his opposition to public unions.

    Interestingly, public unions got their start in - yup, Wisconsin.

  5. Yep. I'm not too crazy about there being no one " on the other side of the table" in public sector union bargaining with taxpayer money.

    P.S. -- with all the stuff going on at your home front, I'm glad you're relatively tsunami-proof! (thanks for filling me in on your location. We didn't exactly study Oregon geography in depth in Arkansas public schools.)


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