Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dancing in the ruins

Mysterious carved image gazing off to the far left

Field reporter Wi Hung Lo reporting for innominatus news

pResident Obama returned home to the USA today to face a gathering storm of muddled Libyan policies, fears of radioactive fallout, and as-yet-unplayed golf courses.  The First Lady and kids are still touring South and Central America and are expected back in a few more days.  While visiting some ancient Mayan ruins, an Obama child speaking on conditions of anonymity said "it's a lot better when daddy's not around.  We don't have to keep explaining things to him over and over."

After a visit to Teotihuacan, "The place where gods are born" the other Obama child asked "So this is where daddy was born?  I thought you said he was Hawaiian!  I'm so confused!"  Wrapping up the tour, the First Family visited the ancient stone statues left by the Moronian Empire on Keister Island.  The guide explained "Nearby, Easter Island has become famous for giant carved heads made from stone.  This recently discovered island has similar carvings, but ground-penetrating radar reveals that beneath the swelled heads are small, spindly bodies.  None have yet been excavated, but is conjectured that the inhabitants of the island threw like girls and therefore were unable to defend themselves." 


  1. There are still unplayed golf courses?

  2. Randy - yeah. They're using stimulus funds to build barry some new ones.

  3. O: "Hey Sasha, what's that?"

    S: "It's a book, Dad"

    O: "Oh yeah. Bill Ayers wrote a few for me. On day I'll get around to reading those things."

  4. "pResident Obama returned home to the USA"-That's how far I got before I started laughing.

  5. Inno, you nailed it! I'm still smiling, great post!

  6. It all fits! Girly men that cannot throw or defend themselves.

  7. Beware of presidents that throw like little girls. They will, more than likely, govern like little girls.

  8. Good post. It's kinda like Historical Geography brought to you buy the NEA.

  9. ...on Keister Island.

    I've found my next vacation spot! Thanks, Inno!

  10. That was too funny! Loved it inno.

    Obama certainly does throw like a girl.


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