Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tweetings from South America

Only the brave and pure of heart may click to enlarge


  1. Brazillian whacks--brilliant.

    I salute you, Inn.

  2. That is some very Barry tweeting, or should it be called twitting?

  3. Fell in the mine,,,only if!

    OMG! Really honest here Inno,,my 'capcha' word for submitting my comment is,,again not lying,,,drumroll,,,,


  4. At least Barry knows how to tweet. Biden? I think he still uses DOS.

  5. Oh great one, I bow to your superior sense of humor. You hit another one out of the park, Inno.

  6. Is this your work, Inno? No matter, the piece is brilliant no matter whose it is.

  7. Paul - satire/horror is becoming a blurry line nowadays

    KS - Thanks

    Matt - dunno. It's getting harder to come up with appropriate labels for barry's antics.

    Christopher - Nobel? [sheen voice] "Winning!!" [/sheen voice]

    Infidel - Biden likes to listen to the hiss-beep-twang noises coming from his 2400 baud modem

    Buck - this one is all me. I'm not above stealing stuff, but when I do I cite the source and link back. Well, except when it's a picture from google images when there are dozens of duplicates and I don't know which is original.


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