Tuesday, March 29, 2011

¡Gracias, Senatores de Oregón!

Gracias, Senators of Oregon.  We are very pleased that you overlook our illegal status and give us the in-state tuition price.  When we go by the OSU and see all the new beeldings being built and all the more students come in each year so it be so crowded, we think for sure that you not pass this beel.  But you listen to the RINO Frank Morse and think it is buena idea to give us more after already spending much dinero on our K-12 education.  We think Frank Morse is a great hombre.  Especially that he geev us cheaper college than he geev to people in Idaho or Washington that are barely even outside the Oregon even though they are legal.  Yay for Frank Morse!

What is even more hilarioso is that we go to the OSU anyway even before this.  After you geev us all the financial aid and we get muy borracho and sleep with your girls we drop out.  Then we steal deefrent ID and not pay back the financial aid.  So it no matter how much you charge for the tuition.  We no pay either way.  But it is kind of you to give us even more preference. 


  1. Coming from little mexico all I will say,

    This ain't makin' my day Clintoinno.

  2. Man of Wonder - please confirm: my post ain't makin' your day or this bill by Morse ain't makin' your day?

    WHT - To think that I voted for Morse just a couple months ago makes me wanna hurl.

  3. Vaya con carne, amigos!

    Now, let's consider the possibilities...emboldened, illegals apply for in-state tuition and are escorted to their new dorm - which happens to be a railroad car headed on a nonstop run to Juarez....

  4. Ha! I didn't know you spoke fluent spanglish.

  5. MAX - I like the way you think

    No One - I am effluent in many, many languages.

  6. Rewarding illegal behavior? YES WE CAN!

  7. The liberal world is such a wonderful place. You will teach us how to make change during our drug deals.

  8. I'm sure liberals feel that the policy is "compassionate."



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