Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, Angry Monday

So there I was, having a typically mondayish Monday.  Not enough sleep, looking at a 13hr day at work.  Turn on the 'puter while the coffee pot made its funny noises, and start seeing blog posts about barry's outrageous budget proposal. Ugh.  Alright, I'm not really surprised when a tax-n-spend libdork does what he does.  Certainly not at all happy about it or willing to overlook it, either, but not surprised.  It's about as shocking as seeing a fish swim

But then comes the gall.  The brass.  The chuztpah ('hoot spa' to those of you in Rio Linda).  

"We can't continue to spend as if deficits don't have consequences, as if the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people can be treated like Monopoly money."

You come out, barry, to announce your new budget - that has record-breaking deficits - with a line like that?  Holy crap! I strive very hard not to hate people.  Lots and lots of people deserve it, but I avoid going there.  I won't let them be worth it.  But barry, ya know, just screw you, boy! man!  Go sit on a MagLight and shut your purple lips already!  $1.6 trillion deficit this year and $1.3 to $1.8T (depending on who ya ask) next year?  And you're simultaneously giving us some "your taxes aren't Monopoly money" baloney?  Are you really dumb enough to think we're that dumb?  Your "I won" BS last year was annoying enough.  It was sickeningly arrogant.  But today's lines top it all.  Sickeningly arrogant AND condescending AND flippant at the same time.  

Today I make an exception to my self-imposed prohibition on hate.  For all your screw-ups and heavy-handedness, barry, I hadn't hated you.  I really, really, looked forward to you being run out of office as a miserable failure, but I never hated you.  Until today.  Barry, you disgusting, dishonest POS, you have managed to evoke in me a loathing that I have never previously felt.  I hope you're proud of yourself... 


  1. "Go sit on a MagLight and shut your purple lips already" that's just classic innominatus. truly lmao

  2. I agree with labcat; I cracked up in front of my class! HarHar, it is to laff!

    But as far as the meat of your rant, I agree. I am repulsed by his swaggering stride from Marine Corps One, his disingenuous smirk when he talks, his arrogant, lecturing condescension in his speeches, and his ugly "Digger the Dermatophyte" lips.

    But I don't hate him. Really. OK, sorta.

    all right. as much as you do.

  3. It may be just my perspective, but I don't think America has ever been in the danger we currently are being dragged into by this socialist liar. The cretins in the MSM are also too arrogant and insecure to call it like it is.

  4. Great Rant, Innominatus, and I feel the same way about obummer. I have been hating him for a long, long time now, and it increases EVERY day, esp. with this latest sh*T!

    You need a laugh, go watch Foamy over my way, he'll help you cope ;-)

  5. Dude. What took you so long? He hates you, has since he decided to run for office. Consider him your low dimly lit city in a sewer. He's the bottom of the barrel, Grima Wormtongue, nothing more than a used car salesman in an Armani suit wearing Fruit of Kaboom. Why NOT hate him back?

  6. Despise has taken the complete focus of my A.D.D. induced lack of attention to any semblance that he has a clue about anything other than pleasing himself.

    Grossly dislike, works when a rant may compromise one's faith.

  7. labcat - I'm here to please

    aA - I had to click through to see what you meant. Yup. Guessing from his name he is some kind of irritating skin nipper? That could be applied to D'ohbama, too!

    Velcro - I'm not old enough to know what WWII was like in person, but this is definitely the most peril we've been in during my 40 years on earth.

    Amusing Bunni - I'll head over shortly!

    Snarky - I know. I tried to to take the high moral ground but I couldn't hold it.

    jaded - yeah, that's what's kept the hate away. It was genuinely there as I was typing, but I'm better now. Grossly dislike^third power is probably more fitting. :)

  8. I don't think you've reached the proper level of barry-hate until you truly grasp the difference between deficit and debt. You'll know you've reached that level when the police come to the door.

  9. Being a typical white person who clings to guns and religion I tried to give Barry the benefit of the doubt. (Respect the office I said.)

    But...c'mon...really. It's sad to say but multi trillion dollar deficits will become normal. The MSM will say it's all part of spending your way out of a recession his Republican predecessor started.


  10. ""Go sit on a MagLight and shut your purple lips already" HA!

    Sometimes when the fridge is low and the wife hasn't made a grocery run, hater-ade is all there is. Just don't overdo it.


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