Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog's Day!

Yeah, the same old crap over and over and over.  It's like it's 1979 again.  Except we won't get our Reagan 2.0 for about three more years.  We have useless fools tainting the White House with their presence.  We have an economy in the toilet.  Back then, interest rates were about 18%, so we couldn't afford houses.  Today we're all so broke and overtaxed that we can't afford houses now, either.  We still have Dinnerjacket hanging around and causing problems in Iran.  Yes, Achmo was a key player in the Hostage Crisis.  Here he his, still being a dicknose after all these years.  Who knows what kind of evil he has in mind, but I doubt Obamacarter will do much about it.  Yeah, we sent some extra ships to the region.  Yay.  Better than sending flowers, I guess - but not by much, if the CiC is unwilling to pull the trigger.  Why we haven't cruise-missile'd the mullahs' headquarters yet is beyond me.  When Reagan bombed K-Daffy's tent, ol' Mo was so scared he spent the next decade and a half trying to get the panic-induced shartstains out of his Colonel's uniform instead of causing terroristy trouble.  We can (and should) do the same to the mullahs. But it is Groundhog's Day so nothing will change.  No hope, no change, just the same old "dialog" and "sanctions" that have already been repeated ad nauseum

Obamacarter is like an old vinyl record from 1979.  Somebody smack the record player; it's skipping.


  1. "We have useless fools tainting the White House with their presence."

    You could even say we have useless taints in the White House fooling with our present.

    I know, kinda tacky.

  2. Tacky, but also kinda funny. Actually a lot funny, methinks.

  3. This would be funnier if we weren't on the verge of nuclear firebombing.


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