Wednesday, February 17, 2010

innomipoint contest - visual challenge

Confession to make:  The innomipoint contest has kind of bogged down by my lack of posts lately.  I'll be winding it down soon.  Today's round, then one more normal round, and then a final exam.  Then the winner will be announced, and the prize will be awarded.  Remember, newcomers can go back to the earlier rounds and catch up if they're so inclined.

Today's round features three images from my hometown.  I was snooping through my sitemeter details which revealed I have a hometown homie stopping by once in a while.  Choosing a good town to live in gives that person an advantage, of course. The rest of you will either have to get really lucky or really funny to score.


  1. A) The quick aqua-tour of town. Very quick tour.

    B) The guy that will never understand what the quick tour is all about. Or the slow tour, for that matter. Kinda looks like a bitter clinger to me. Actually, if he were taller, fatter, had a beard and glasses, he might be mistaken for me. Oh, and if he had on Justin roper boots.

    C) The tour of the place where Obamba is taking this country, right up to the gates of Hades...hopefully the tour boat is just going up to the gate of Hell, and not over the edge, as the framing might foreshadow.

    (I have always wanted to use the word "foreshadow" in one of these comments. Today is my lucky day!)

  2. aA - it's pretty clear that you're not the Secret Oregonian. But you make me smile so that's worth something. BTW, who is Justin Roper?

  3. He makes the boots that I like. Imagine a wizened old cowboy with skin like leather, white hair and a face full of whiskers and tobacco.

    Then discard that idyllic (?) image and imagine a 13 year-old Mexican girl with hands like leather and lungs full of tanning fumes.

    So he is a she.

  4. Out in the west Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with a Mexican girl... who coughed up bits of cowhide.

  5. obviously i'm not your oregonian, nor am i funny or lucky, but what the hay here goes...

    A...the incumbent democrats who are dropping like flies trying to get the heck outta dodge while the gettin's good in their super fast speed boat.'s a new olympic category...stick hurling.

    c....obama and his crew going through the gates of hell which appear to be quite pleasant until they reach the other side then it's nothin' but shoveling coal for eternity. bwaaahahaha

  6. A) The annual drowning contest.

    B) A statue of a stereotypical Repubthug.

    C) The bridge to nowhere

  7. I think you are located near the Rogue River in Southern Oregon, Innominatus. How apropos, as you are quite roguish!

    If I'm wrong, I'd say the pics denote the following:
    A: The boat is powered by farts of the hot air of the organizer in chief, on the potomac?
    B: There is an ACORN/SEIU Member perched on your roof, ready to club you if you don't fill out your census form completely.
    C: This is the bridge you plan to jump off of, if obummer is elected to another term!.

  8. Amusing Bunni - nice work. That's where I grew up, but I'm about 180mi north of that now.

  9. You appear to hail from Grants Pass, OR. Home of the Hellgate Jet Boat Excursions and GPHS Cavemen. The Caveman was erected on a town square back in the early 70's, but the view of the Caveman has been obsured by tree and developmental growth in the area. Paul helps us find the Caveman.

    Anyway, the three images are emblematic of the 0ne's presidential election. The first image is his popularity. A jet boat ride to the top. The second picture is the revelation of who the 0ne actually is, a troglodyte neanderthal who has no understanding of the position he now holds, or how to complete the job he was elected to fulfill. The last picture is of the democrats who were swept into office in 2006 and again in 2008. Their fates have been tied to the 0ne's polling numbers.

    Little hope they will return from 'Hell's gate.'

    Incidentally, 180 miles north of Grant's Pass would put you in the Corvallis/Albany area, no?


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