Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can't muster any outrage

So Captain America is now hunting down those evil, rascally Tea Party wingnuts.  I s'pose this should tick me off.  But try as I might to muster some sarcastic indignance, I just don't have it today.   Besides, any comic reader who would enjoy such ghey imagery and actually be influenced by it really doesn't belong on our side anyway.  If lefty dorks who like their men with purdy mouths and spandex think people like me are the enemy, I guess that means I'm doing something right.


  1. "Propagandize all media" sounds familiar to me.

  2. I was never big on comics, but I'm with Matt, the left is outraged when you don't share their mental problems,so they have to monopolize any and all media or institutions.

  3. i keep thinking of this guy...

    and no, i see no reason to be outraged by the lack of his respect or cooperation.

  4. Thay, weeo tweach those tweabawggers a wesson ...

  5. To me it's the bastardization of an American cultural icon. Yes, it's not like painting a moustache on the Statue of Liberty or burning the American flag, but it's still rotten.

    The Left realizes it's easier to subvert symbols than to invent new socialist models for people to follow. For example, we get a film that turns the American cowboy into a couple of gay dudes. How often do you see a US soldier portrayed in popular fiction as something other than either a pathetic stupid victim or a vicious baby-killing psycopath? And now Captain America is a willing tool of big government.

    In the grand scheme of things, Captain America's leftward slide is not a great tragedy of course. There are greater offenses that liberals have done to America than this. It's just sorta sad.


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