Monday, February 8, 2010

Beware the ides of February!

The Iranian supreme leader, Azzahollah Khamenei, has been making noise about "punching" us on February 11th.  I'm not sure I feel terribly threatened by him throwing a punch at me.  C'mon, he looks like some kind of bizzaro-world Santa on meth, trying to explain to Chris Hansen "but it is normal in my country to send the dirty e-mail to young boy!"  Maybe he's secretly a black belt in Dumb-Fu and can break a brick with one well-placed punch.  But I doubt it.  I'm bettin' his hardest punch ain't even hard enough to jiggle the jello.  So then, what does he really mean?

Is he planning some actual terrorism man-caused disasters?  If so, why announce it ahead of time?  While the odds of barry actually doing anything about it are slimmer than barry's dainty wrists,  the pResident might do something.  So why tempt fate?  If not,  is he just going to make some "big" announcement like "Yesterday we shoot turtle into space!  Cower before our mighty power!"

Could it just be saber-rattling?  You know, to get his restless peeps to chill?  Is it long-dormant homosexuality breaking out of its latency?  Is he just mentally whacked?  Is some ugly burka-wearing hag going to blow up herself and a bunch of yuppies in an IKEA parking lot?  What gives?

Usually I'm the answer guy who has all the answers.  But not this time.  I don't get it...


  1. Hey, why not some random guessing?

    I think they'll break into show tunes!

  2. I think they are sending Obama Valentine chocolate truffles filled with Ex-Lax.

  3. I'm not sure what to think either, Inno, although I like TerryJim's guess.

  4. We should be careful. Their revolutionary guard are ruthless, ideologically-driven true believers. Much like liberals.

  5. You have me cracking up, Innominatus.
    I could SO see him on "to catch a wack job crack head santa perdator", coming up next, with Chris Hansen...ha ha ha.


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