Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sanctions, smanctions...

You may not have realized it, but you have been punched by the Iranian mullahs this morning.  Or so they tell us.  They announced that they have managed to enrich their uranium up to 20% from 3.5%.  Need to get to about 90% before it qualifies for weapons-grade.  So, not much has changed.

In another area where not much has changed, Obama is calling for a new round of "sanctions."  This crap drives me CRAZY!  First off, I have much difficulty remembering ANY modern instance of "sanctions" (note generous use of 'scare quotes') actually accomplishing anything.  But put that aside for a moment.  What I want to know is why we're having another round?  If "sanctions" are our strategy, why have we not long ago applied every form of "sanction" we can think of?  How bad does a rogue state need to behave before they feel the full wrath of ALL our "sanctions"?

Iran has funded terrorism around the world.  Iran has directly contributed to the deaths of many valiant Americans in Iraq.  Many Israelis and Palestinians have died by way of Iranian proxies causing trouble. Dissidents have been slaughtered.  Barry H. Obowma, (and GWB, for that matter) are you really trying to tell me that while Iran was perpetrating these things, you still held unplayed "sanction" cards?  What were you saving them for?  Holy crap! There has literally been blood in the streets!  And you have been sitting on some unapplied "sanctions"?  Spit!

The parent/child analogy is imperfect, but I can't help but fall back on it...  Lefty diplomacy is like the permissive parent that catches his child in the midst of misbehavior.  Permissive parent begins counting.  1...2...3...  The kid, barely a toddler, already knows that he doesn't really have to stop until the parent says "niiiinnnnnne..."  Even the "nine" gets drawwwwn way out, so as to avoid having to say "ten!" and actually perform some discipline.  The kid, still too young to talk, already knows that "no" isn't really "no."  He knows he can continue his misbehavior, in FULL VIEW of the parent, for at least 9 more seconds.  Disgusting.  Bad enough when a permissive raises a kid this way and a brat results.  How much worse to have our government immersed in this same mindset.

I just don't see how this story is going to have a happy ending.


  1. I wish they'd sanction obummer. He doesn't know what the heck he's doing, about ANYTHING!

  2. The only thing Iran did today was move themselves one step closer to being carpet bombed by Israel.

  3. When Israel nukes Iran, Will Barry declare sanctions against Israel? Sadly, probably.

  4. In other news, the POTUS did not rule out the use of a strongly worded letter.

    Israel better get on it soon. The Iranians are working on upgrading their AA capability.

  5. Amusing Bunni - I still can't decide whether barry is an evil genius bent on destroying America, or whether he is a bumbling idiot that is destroying America kinda by accident. Maybe he has split personalities and is both.

    Snarky - As those Losers from Liverpool once said "Let it be, Let it be!"

    Infidel - you're probably right, but even lefty Jews mostly support Israel. I'm hoping barry will support Israel if for no other reason than to keep that voting bloc from turning on him.

    Matt - I read that Russia said no to a sale of surface-to-air missiles to Iran. Wonder if it's legit or whether Putin wants us to fly into a trap?

  6. IF Isreal were to bomb Iran (...bomb,bomb Iran...) and they did get a sanction and a strongly worded tweet from Baroque Ohmbamama, what difference would it make? They would do like every other sanction recipient and ignore it. Of course, even in their right actions, they'd be pilloried in the media.

    Bad Isreal, bad, bad Isreal!

  7. aA - my pastor recently came back from a trip to Israel. He tells me there are a lot of street vendors there selling t-shirts printed with a big IDF logo and the message "Don't worry, America. We got your back!"

    I wish it were reciprocated but sadly I don't think it is anymore.

  8. Yeah, and we all know how well the Cuban sanctions have worked...


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