Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it worth it?

The Presidency really takes a toll on the occupants of the White House. This series of before-n-after pics tells a harrowing tale. Is it really worth it?
Click to see more detailed image

Deep, Obama-esque bow at the waist to aA for the pics.  Thanks!


  1. bwaaaah! was not expecting that. :D

    laura still looks the same. i miss her.

  2. What's worse is if you start ACTING like Jimmy Carter

  3. Thanks for the bow, although it is quite unnecessary from one (apparent) geezer to another.

    A quiet "Dangit" or "Bah" would suffice.

    And the answer is not "no"; it's "HECK NO!"

  4. Ha, Ha, I'll take fred sanford and auntie any day over the two shitheads were stuck with now. Fred would run America MUCH better than POS BHO is doing.

  5. Great post, Inn.

    "Oh Lawd, it's da big one!"


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