Monday, August 24, 2009

Wreck of the SS D'ohbama

Young man named Barack said the ship is off track
So he went on a campaign to fix it
Held Hill'ry at bay and he went all the way
Though some felt his words were all bullsh...

His rhetoric soared, campaign funds he did hoard
As the press watched on in fascination
Gilligan looked great compared to Barry's First Mate
Then in Denver he won the nomination...

An old Navy hand said "I'll be the man"
To run against Barack in November
Chose Sarah for Veep, it was quite a leap
But the voters would not pull the lever...

Libs at university all cheered diversity
The President, now finally a black
All hailed a new age, the end of racial rage
But Pelosi still looked like a Sleestak

Barry brought change and hope while republicans moped
In Treasury he put a tax cheat named Geithner
Barry showed us the way then he lit up a J
But Timmy should be sellin' teeth whitener...

Econ'my still sour, Bams said this is the hour
To piss money away on pork spending
Unemployment climbed high, debt reached to the sky
And deficits continued unending...

Carmakers got broker, soon posters of Joker
Started poppin' up on many a blog
Got clunker - here's cash! Union thugs, they did bash
And the President selected a dog...

Tempers getting hotter, polls taking on water
Could this be the end for Obama?
Cops acted stupidly, said Commander-in-Chief
Skip says "I'll come out and talk to yo' mama!"

Barry said "no big deal", I know how to heal
We will picnic and drink us some beer!
It started quite well, but then what the hell?
Oh, it's just Joe, tell me why is he here?

Lefties want BarryCare, but voters got scared
Of hospitals run like DMV
Shouting at Town Halls, the people showed balls
The situation got terribly wee-wee'd...

Former Obama whores, pulling on lifeboat oars
Said "He seemed cool but he's really a bastid!"
They paddled away, and Peggy Noonan did say
"See ya later, it was fun while it lasted!"

SS D'ohBama is taking on wa-wa
Barry's mandate, oh where has it been?
Patriots are ticked, democrat azzes are kicked!
We'll get revenge in two-thousand-ten!


This song gets stuck in my head like no other. Now, if you're anything like me, it's stuck in your head too! Ha!


  1. LOL! You had me at 'D'ohbama'.

  2. OMG. Stuck it is.

    Curse you, Innominatus!

  3. Stuck in mine as well. Creative, yet evil.

  4. That about sums up the worst presidential administration in history...and it ain't even been a year. I can't wait to see what next year's song looks like.

  5. dang I cant even sing about it I'm so mad!..grrrrrrrrr!

  6. Clever ditty. I'll be whistling that one all day now.


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