Saturday, August 22, 2009

Return of the Ringbearer

About 5 days ago my wife misplaced her wedding ring. She had taken it off one evening and put it on the nightstand, and by morning it was ???. She was stressed but I knew it would turn up. (Hint: this isn't the first time it's been misplaced.) So after a couple days of it not turning up, we both started to stress a little. When I got home from work Friday pm, my bedroom looked like one of those earthquake sites where the dogs are trying to sniff out survivors under all the broken concrete. It is usually hyperbole to say "turned the room upside down looking for it." Nah. Very true this time.

The ring continued to elude until just a few minutes ago. The wife was out back raking up some leaves. Our garbage company provides big (75 gallon or so) wheeled tubs for yard debris, and it was getting pretty full. When my wife went to roll it to the other part of the yard, there was the ring! Outside, on the ground, under the debris container. This container has not been moved for a couple weeks. WEIRD!

Aliens? ACORN sneaks? Ghosts? Moonbat enthralled by shiny object? or ???

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  1. maybe obama read your posts and played a practical joke on you-- actually, sounds more like biden


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