Monday, August 10, 2009

QuickPost 8/10/09 - I need a lawyer

WAAAAAAAY too many red sprinkles on my pop-tart this morning. Seriously, the thing looked like a sea anemone. Something must be very, very wrong with the sprinkle application machine at the pop-tart factory, 'cuz it's more out-of-whack than a sleep-deprived emo kid who has misplaced his iPod . So - I know this is hard to believe - but when I called 911 to complain, they not only refused my request for a SWAT team, they wouldn't send one single squad car.

I know my rights, and I will not be pushed around! I will go to the courts and sue the poo out of the 911 dispatcher and the dude that adjusts the sprinkle applicator. I shall raise my clenched fist in victory!


  1. If it was a McDonalds poptart you would have received the help (attention) you needed (crave).


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