Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things that make ya go GRRRR!

1. Remember a year or two ago when those terrorists crashed their Jeep into that airport in Scotland, and that guy kicked a flaming terrorist in the groin so hard he blew out a tendon? Gave me confidence that the Scots were made of better stuff than the rest of the europansies. That ended up being an unfounded hope, because today we learn that the Scottish courts, in their compassion, have decided to let loose the guy behind the Lockerbie bombing. 'Cuz he has cancer. Poor baby. News Flash: He is a cancer. How 'bout showing some compassion to the victims?

2. Former Homeland Security Weasel Tom Ridge is coming out with a memoir. He claims the Bush admin pressured him to raise the terrorism alertness level at election time. He says he didn't to it, and it contributed to his decision to retire. Confessedly, I am not an expert in counterterrorism. But I have enough of a clue to know that the bad guys WOULD HAVE LOVED to attack during the election and cause chaos. Raising the terror alert at such a time would MAKE COMPLETE SENSE! GWB is nowhere near my favorite prez, but enough with the Blame Bush garbage. It's really stale. I hope that there end up being warehouses full of unsold Tom Ridge memoirs.

3. Anybody know how to contact Michael Savage and tell him to shut up? I like him when he's ranting against illegal aliens and islamofacists. Wish he did more of that. But his complaints against western medicine chafe me. If a doctor in a hospital tells me to take a pill for my condition, and a hippie tells me to chew on a root for the same condition, I'm going with the doctor. So spare me with the vitamins crap. And while his exclusion from the UK is stupid and should be reversed, IT IS NOT COMPELLING RADIO! We don't need to hear about it Every. Single. Day. Even the ever-present fill-in guest yakkers carry on and on about it. Please!

Hey, before you tell me to change the station, be aware that the equipment I work with creates a lot of RF interference. I can get Savage and I can get an oldies station and listen to Ike & Tina all day. Those are my only choices in the afternoon, so I am justified in being crabby!


  1. Inno, a business colleague of mine died on that flight that was blown up over Lockerbie. Now Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi has been given a hero's welcome in Libya. I've said it elsewhere and I'll say it here -- I hope he dies a thousand deaths and burns in hell.

  2. Well OTC, I know for certain the last part is true.

    Innominato-Bro, you are exactly right on all points. Savage gets on my nerves precisely for those reasons; it's all about him and he's smarter than everybody.

  3. In reference to Savage, have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Art Bell?

    There are those who will tell you that "he gets it." Whatever the heck it is.

  4. dont get me started on Lockerbie my about crabby!!!!!!!!!

  5. Re: Art Bell

    Yeah, he and his protegé George Norrie are on that station I was talking about. That show must be #1 among Ron Paul supporters and those who have been abducted by aliens that look like bigfoot and taken down the NAFTA superhighway to the black hole that opens the gates of Hades.


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