Friday, August 21, 2009

Out: Public Option - In: Co-op

Government Run Healthcare keeps being assigned less and less hideous names in an attempt to make it more palatable. Not working. It's as lame as PETA trying to turn you vegan by calling fish Sea Kittens. "No, mommy! Don't make me eat a Sea Kitten!" What a bunch of crapola.

The latest push is to create health-care "co-ops." These dunces don't realized that to most of us, "co-op" = tie-dye and sandals and black junk under the fingernails. There's an organic food co-op literally across the street from where I work. OMG. It's full-spectrum stupid over there, with the wealthy Obama-stickered SUV drivers picking through the muddy radishes next to the tentdwelling ecofreaks who bike into town to ponder the ripeness of the manure-fed melons . The place even has an adjacent restaurant where the food is cooked in natural earthen pots over an actual fire, accompanied by live musicians performing folk and new age. Some of you reading this think I must be making it up. Nope.

I've been in there a few times. They have good stuff, and wide selections to choose from. It isn't real big, in terms of square feet - but they seem to have EVERYTHING. Not sure how they manage that. But the customers! Yoish! One would be surprised at how long one can hold one's breath when one HAS to hold one's breath! Some of them smell like sweaty lawn clippings, others smell straight of patchoulli - but they all smell.

So, to my psycho lefty representatives: Congressman DeFazio, Senators Wyden and Merkley - I do not want to be in a co-op! I do not want to be in the same risk pool as these kinds of people. I do not want to be in the same swimming pool as these kinds of people. I don't care if you vote no because BarryCare goes too far, or whether you don't think it goes far enough. Just vote NO!!!


  1. and here i thought the co-op was where i bought horse feed. feel for ya havin' to look (and smell) at that scene every day.

  2. i love shopping at the co-op. they're going to offer surgeries there, now?

  3. Paging Dr. Moonbeam...Dr. Moonbeam.

    Or is it moonbat? I always get that confused!

  4. I believe it was Lady MacBeth who once said "out damn stench." Or was it "out damn moonbat"?

    I'm so old I get confused now.

    Oh...yes...I remember now; she said this: "out damn mushroomsmoking fruitcake with smelly pits who needs a bath and can't eat anything reasonable, such as a bloody friggin' steak with a side of venison and a dessert of scrumptious pig's feet."

    Yes, I believe the co-op warriors would not be too fond of Lady MacBeth (and Mr. Shakespeare) at all, what with their limp wrists and palm swords to defend themselves.

  5. @labcat: We have that kind of co-op here, too. Customers there are WAY less objectionable.

    @Matthew: I LOL'd, then I gagged at the thought of what they'd consider "sanitary."

    @Matt: If they have a title like "Dr." and/or their ponytail is gray it's probably a moonBEAM. Otherwise BAT.

    @Dr. Dave: Palm sword. Holy crap, hadn't heard that one!

    I think this is the best batch of comments yet for me!

  6. I expect the "public option" will be replaced by the "Warm Cuddly Kitten Care Option". Death Panels will be the "Cozy Blanket Club".

    Sooooo much nicer now, like a bright,shining , freshly buffed turd.

  7. we don't have so many co-ops in my part of Texas, and the denizens aren't SO smelly...up around Austin though, woo!


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