Thursday, August 6, 2009

Elephant breaking his chains

Normally news items like this and this would infuriate me. It seems the Obministration and his congressional buddies aren't used to ordinary Americans speaking up, so they're bringing in union goons to try to stifle the "mobs." Somehow I am strangely at peace with this turn of events. Kind of cathartic, I guess. It is desperation on Obama's part, and I relish it.

It reminds me of the young elephant who is chained to a stake. The young elephant learns early on that he lacks the strength to break the chain or uproot the stake. The young elephant then grows up, still tethered, not realizing that in his adulthood he has within him more than ample strength to free himself. He suffers abuse after abuse. The Obministration, playing the role of elephant tamer, seems to have pushed too hard, though. Retreating to avoid the blows from the tamer and straining against his shackles, the elephant's chains begin to fail. The elephant is now realizing that the limits on him are self-imposed and his opposition is not able to keep him restrained. The elephant is breaking loose.


  1. That certainly is good news! Complacency has not won let's pray!

  2. How bipartisan of him. He's calling out his brown shirts eh?

  3. Weak, tyrannical responses by a group of terriefied moonbats won't keep us tame any longer. We're lean (if not in our BMI), mean (more than ready to fight back), and armed with the truth (an alien subject to the left).

    Now...if we could just leave the stupid birther issue alone!

  4. I don't appreciate being referred to as an "elephant"; sure i have put on some weight, but for my height, I don't look all THAT huge.

    Please refrain from hurtful comparisons, as some of us are sensitive to just about anything.

    Thanks in advance.

    you got any peanuts?


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