Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We Need a Matriarchy!

Yesterday at Feed Your ADHD(anger-induced salty language warning if you click) I told the world how I felt about Barry handing cash to Brazil so they could develop an offshore oil field. Today we find that Sarah Palin feels similarly about it, but she's a little more polite.

Now I'm coming to the realization that the men in prominent positions have been pretty useless lately. Yeah, the radio guys do well and there's the occasional sharp critique from FOX News. But basically, most of the men have been way too quiet, and Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin and some others have had to step up. Thankfully they have!

Remember when Ann Coulter said it was a mistake to allow women to vote, and that women would vote for a bunch of screwy liberal feel-goody kind of stuff? She's right. Women should not be able to vote. But they should be able to rule! They could do a lot better than the idiot males we've had lately. Time to convene a Con-Con and make it official:

Sarah Palin - Empress for Life
Ann Coulter - Mistress of Foreign Relations (formerly Defense and State)
Liz Cheney - Mistress of Outdoor Stuff (formerly Interior and Energy)
Michelle Malkin - Mistress of Stomping Illegal Aliens and Terrorists (formerly DHS)

You get the idea. Jeri Thompson, Michelle Bachman, Laura Ingraham, Megan Kelly and several others - they belong in the administration somewhere. But I'm an ideas guy, not a detail guy. Convene a con-con or just hash it out in the comments.


  1. I like your appointments Inno. Conservative women do rule, unlike loons such as Pelosi, Boxer, et al, who are just out of their minds.

  2. I don't know. Be careful what you wish for. During that "special time in a woman's life" things can go from bad to worse in .2 secs or less!

  3. @OTC - Night and day difference!

    @Red - I'm kind of counting on that. "Achmed, you picked a REALLY BAD day to tick me off! BOOM!"

    @AmusingB - You will have full police powers to arrest, detain and clobber cruel people

    @WHT - I think you'd do well as special envoy to the Middle East. Are you willing to make rude gestures at Palestinians?


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