Friday, December 11, 2009

Innomipoint contest, 12-11-09

Here's part 3 of the trivia sensation that is sweeping the internet!  Don't be the one lone loser left crying at the end because you missed out - there's still time to join the fun!

Original post w/ rules

Question #1:  How many boob belts does MichelleO need?
  1. None.  They're nasty (0 pts)
  2. One is plenty.  That's enough to give bloggers plenty to write about, yet not enough to drive us hair-pulling crazy (2 pts)
  3. A six-pack in a dazzling array of hip and trendy colors (-2 points)
  4. Needs more boob belts! (5 pts)

Questions #2:  The roads in my town are iced up tonight.  This is
  1. Ordinary seasonal weather.  Nothing to get alarmed about.
  2. Cool because innominatus has already been told to skip work tomorrow 'cuz it's unsafe to drive
  3. Not valid evidence against global warming.  Soon, when the planet is scorching we will look longingly back at the good ol' days when our roads were icy.
  4. Awesome, beacause innominatus can get sideways in his clunky little car and pretend he is still in his '69 Camaro that he had to sell a couple years ago.
Essay question #3, brought to you by Velcro (who gets extra credit if he participates in this round!)
  • Compose a Mission Statement for the libtard movement.  Mealy-mouthed newspeak nonsense like that which appears a couple posts down is recommended. 

Michelle Obama needs more boob belts


  1. Q1. 4-Every time she gets mad and turns green she totally destroys them. And she gets mad A LOT.
    Q2. 4-The "'69" and "Camaro" in the same sentence is always the right answer.
    Q3. In an effort to achieve a renewal of the self-actualization paradigm through multicultural empowerment, we synergistically endeavor to bring into existence those character-based developments which lead to auto-realization. Cuz Bush suks.

  2. Innoway, I'm going to say 4 and 4 and what Javelina said for the essay ... Can't top what he wrote.

  3. Needs more boob belts!

    Awesome, beacause innominatus can get sideways in his clunky little car and pretend he is still in his '69 Camaro that he had to sell a couple years ago.

    You know what my mission statement for the libtards is.

  4. Q #1: 4 Needs more Boob Belts!
    Say it everyday, in every way.

    Q#2: 2 The weather, esp. in Chicago in Winter, is always a wonderful excuse to skip work. That Innominatus got to use this excuse makes it even better! I've been using it every winter, and it works like a charm.

    Q#3: We are the clueless mental masses who depend on the government and our king of the morons, bore-rock hu-insane obummer, for the very air we breath. We have no brains, no spine, and no sense. All we know how to do is annoy intelligent people with our trollish whining.
    Our PC diversity BS is Destroying America...
    Yes, We Can't! Say No to H2O! ! We Suck!

  5. Ha! Great and thank you! Gotta move up from #3...

    Q1: 4, of course. There is a constant need for ever larger sizes.

    Q2: TECHNICALLY, 2,3, and 4 aren't mutually exclusive. But I suppose had I a '69 Camaro... #4.

    Q3: We continue the fight for the little human capital against the big, bad human capital, where ongoing poverty and lack of social justice keep us in Birkenstocks; where the dream turns to nightmare and the fire in the bong never goes out; and value-added symbiosis through awareness and affordability.

  6. Q1: 4. We don't need yet another reason to get angry at the fact the "news" people make her out to be a fashion diva, it's just to keep us riled up at the Obamamama.

    Q2: 4. ANYTIME you can pretend you're back in your glory days doing anything that you once perceived as cool and fun, you need to take it. Besides, it's easier to stay home from work when you're in a body cast.

    Essay: By ridiculing and eschewing all manner of modern convenience, technology and soap, we plan to make the world a better place by deceiving and rigging any data that will help our cause. People with jobs and money are criminals should be treated that way.

  7. Nice answers, folks! Your mission statements are so believable that I wonder if some of you aren't closet libs!

    And Red - you get some coolness points for linking me even though your homeworks was, um, "incomplete"

  8. Q1: 4-- Gotta have more boob belts!

    Q2: 2 (it's called being fired)

    Q3: Only government can buy happiness-- with your money!

  9. Very great answers! We just think up the stupidest things we could say, and that's why it seems just like what a demotard BELIEVES.

  10. Q1: If Michelle looked like this, and wore them in this manner, the answer would be 'there are not enough boob belts in the world.'
    Q2: The answer is 'Cool because... there's always time for hoonage!' Oh, and btw, I'm never speaking to you again. You have committed an unforgivable sin. Selling a 1969 Camaro is blasphemy. Okay, truth be told, I am going to have to give up my 2004 GTO, so I have little room to talk. I still hate you for owning a '69, though. Bastard.

  11. Hit publish a wee bit too soon... Anyhow, on with the answers.

    Q3: Libtard Movement Mission Statement.

    Our Goals: To spark a mass Movement that would be led by group-think or a concentrated decision-making organ, guided by a socialist Platform/Manifesto and a set of progressive principles with no ethics; a Movement that would not be organized hierarchically, but horizontally, signifying the horizon of our mother earth, Gaia — with each terrorist for the earth cell operating independently, but toward the realization of the same green Vision.

    Our Vision:

    * a transformed America as a progressive society built upon the meaningless words of a mindless persuasive personality and the brute force of Unions as its political structure;
    * where Socialist and Communitarian social values of Solidarity and Respect prevail, upon the crushed bodies of the resistance;
    * where worker-owned cooperative, collectivist and syndicalist structures dominate the economy and captialists are hung from the highest branches on the strongest trees;
    * where the production is sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially just, controlled by a intellectually superior ruling class in a distant capital city, immune from the wishes of the people;
    * where military is green and involuntary and precluded from intervening in direct national security threats;
    * where culture and art thrive above all else;
    * where people are proud of their homosexual lifestyle;
    * and where the concept of “Coming to Power” means power for life, despite the worker classes objections.


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