Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Confirmed: Dems are schizo

So the dems hacked enough garbage out of BarryCare to get Lieberman on board.  That got me worried that some form of intrusive, expensive and inefficient "reform" may yet make it through the labyrinth of Congress.  I pondered this for a long while.  I grieved.  I fumed.  I wept.  I had just about come to grips with the fact that my country is on the verge of a ruinous decline to third-world (or worse yet, Western European) standards, when who comes riding to the rescue?  Yes, Screamin' Howard Dean, with Krazy  Kos ridin' sidesaddle right behind him!  My heroes!

They're crabby because the present form of the Senate bill isn't intrusive, expensive, or inefficient (progressive) enough.  They think this whole crisis is about to go to waste and they're none too happy 'bout it.  They want to kill the bill.  So do I.  They want to start over.  So do I - at some future date when we have sensible conservatives in the majority.  But the whole spectacle of one batch of psycho lefties telling another batch of psycho lefties  "you're not progessive enough!!" is just so darned enjoyable.  It's like RuPaul and Boy George getting in a hissy slap-fight over who is gayer.  That's the kind of laughs I'm having at all this. 

The dems enjoy majorities in Congress and power in the executive that they have used to mangle the financial and auto industries.  They rate a solid B+ for those efforts.  But their holy grail of seizing the healthcare industry remains elusive.  There are just too many dem voices saying too many dumb dem things for there to be any agreement.  Heehee!  In the abstract (certainly not in practice!) it would be fun to give the dems all 100 Senate seats just to see how much they DON'T accomplish.  The backbiting and namecalling and posturing from all those blowhards would be inconceivably awesome!


  1. They will devour each other. It was funny to see dean pop up again. They need to start over.

  2. You make some great points. I never thought that the insane Mr. Dean and the KOSsacks would be useful to us, and here we are. Fight the good fight moonbats!

  3. Its like throwing a bone into a yard full of hungry dogs. I hope they are catching on that their goose is cooked. All for none and every man for himself!!!!

  4. Just saw the standings! Oh yeah..un huh... [crowd goes wild].

    I always told people that I wasn't as dumb as I look. My son, bless his heart, told me that couldn't be possible...

  5. If they water this down and pass it, it's still a foot in the door! Run for your lives! Shave your cats! Start hoarding dental floss! AAAAAaaaaaa!!!!!

  6. Bunni, Matt, Velcro - it's a pleasing thing to have "useful idiots" on the other side of the aisle.

    JBomb, we don't have cats. My dogs flossed their teeth with the last one. (Kidding, Amusing Bunni! My doggies are nice) But you're right that the libs will take what they can get now and play the incrementalist game if we let them.

  7. They're eating themselves alive ... and I like it.

  8. Ru Paul and Boy George ... now isn't that a picture. My mind will never be the same.

    They do indeed eat their young ...

  9. There are three tip-offs that the opinion you are listening to is one from the Left. They are the phrases "environmental concern," "controlling costs" and the word, "sustainability."

    Any of these words signal that the speaker has absolutely no idea of how market forces work to insure that the demands of the consumer are met by the producer.

    Mandates are the approved tool for overcoming market forces. Mandates protect the environment, control costs and provide sustainability. Mandates are good. Market forces are bad.


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