Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Time on my hands

I'm so used to staring down deadlines and thrashing about trying to finish things, that I'm quite discombobulated by the amount of free time I have until January 4th.  I figured I'd be a bloggin' fool, putting up 4 or 5 posts a day but, but, well...  I guess I'm like a tire - if there's no pressure, I ain't movin' too fast.  But I do have some more thoughts that I really need to get off my chest:

It doesn't matter what size fries one orders from Wendy's.  There is always one - exactly one - that tastes like dirt.  I'm always relieved to get it in the first bite so I can devour the rest without trepidation.

Dante needs to add a new circle for where Harry Reid is going to end up.

My grandson isn't old enough yet to want a Tonka truck.  Probably next year.  But just looking around, the good ol' steel ones are scarce.  A plastic Tonka truck is an insult!  The steel ones last for years, and even begin to rust after a while.  A good, rusty, well-used Tonka truck is a thing of beauty.  Plus, the steel tends to have sharp corners that'll scrape a kid up.  That builds character.

Senator Ben Nelson's (D-Neb) healthcare screwjob counts as a job saved or created.

To combat the scourge of rising sea levels, I propose that the fire department load their tankers with seawater. Then drive well inland, to my county courthouse where there are STILL hippies out front protesting Iraq.  It is still inconclusive whether hippie odor is actually a contributor to global warming, but pressure-washing the stink off them while mitigating beach erosion seems like a win-win to me.

In the last month I've lost about 10 lbs without even trying.  Whatever your goal, if you're trying and not attaining, try not trying so hard.  It might help.


  1. Heheheheee.

    Nice calls, Inn.

  2. I totally get the feeling you describe... the days I think I'll post nothing end up being 3-4 post days with great stuff, the other days I think I'll be the whiz kid and there's nothing doing.

    Love the Tonka Truck thoughts! What a different world we live in today...

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Inno, you are truly a repository of unique wisdom! I agree, plastic Tonka trucks are outrageous, un-American even!

  4. Plastic Tonka trucks are an abomination. The metal is so much better. Once the kiddos need a few tetanus shots, they'll wise up.

  5. Yeah you're gonna have to surf ebay for the old school tonkas.

  6. Good stuff, Innoman. How's about I put some pressure on you to share yourself over at ADHD during all your free time? Snark and snark alike, I always say.

  7. Ah oh innominatus, it sounds like Dave busted you. I'm going to relax and have a great Christmas and then come out swinging on Monday.

    Merry Christmas Innominatus and every one else.

  8. unfortunately i found your 10 pounds.
    you can really have them back if ya want.

    Merry christmas!

  9. Matt, one tetanus shot lasts for 10 years; that held us with our steel Tonkas and rusty-nail tree houses!

    Innominatus: it's all true, the stuff you write. Ever' bit of it.

    Now go think up some more so I don't have to!

  10. kingshamus - happy to be of service

    Soloman - thanks. Merry Christmas to you, too.

    Velcro - I don't like quoting Letterman anymore, but he used to say "I am a fountain of seemingly trivial, yet actually useless information."

    Matt - yes! Tetanus shots are a rite of passage.

    Red - unless you buy me one for Christmas. I've been good. Really, I have!

    Snarky - Fair 'nuff. Check the drafts box.

    Odie - Have a great Christmas. Putting anxieties on the back burner for a few days sounds like a good plan.

    Labcat - finder's keepers, finder's weepers or something like that.

    aA - I'm trying, man!

  11. Hmmm. Let's see...I have a lump of coal...a switch...Nope. No tonka truck.


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