Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celebrity obamaphilia creepyness

In case you missed it, Will Smith is an enema valve.  At least in terms of his politics.  Probably a pleasant enough guy in other aspects, but his obamaphilia is unsettling.

If you follow the link (which you don't really have to do since I'm telling you everything you need to know - I'm generous that way) you'll see Mr. Smith tell us that while Barry is of course imperfect, the concept of Barry is anything but.  That the idea of Barry is just, so, OMG wonderful!  That the election of Barry is somehow an evolutionary flashpoint in the history of humanity, which poises us for some kind of Great Quantum Leap Forward.  Like when the apes encountered the obelisk.  Or something. 

Anyway, here's an innomipoint pop quiz:

As a mental exercise, let us just say that Will is correct and that Obama is actually the universe's gift to humanity.  (Try to contain your snickering, please).  Let us further say that the universe has rejection insecurities which can lead to violent fits of  indignance. In other words, voting for anybody but Barry in 2012 would provoke our insulted universe to go all Mayan on yo' azz in 2012 with floods, fires, quakes, death, general mayhem and intermittent disruption of internet access.

Would this have any impact on your vote in 2012?  Why, or why not?


  1. I'd vote for Nader cause that solves everything

  2. I'll vote common sense and keep my powder dry.

  3. Nope, I'd vote for anyone but obummer in 2012. I'd sooner have the earth blow up than have to put up with the jug eared jag for 4 more years!

  4. A vote for the destruction of the universe is a vote against liberalism!

  5. Matthew - I LOL'd. +5 innomipoints

    Red - Yes, survival of the wisest and fittest. +5 innomipoints

    Amusing Bunni - Death before Dishonor! Yea, verily! +5 innomipoints

    Velcro - I'm a tad bit confused but I dig your gravatar. +4 innomipoints. Looks like you're still in the lead!

  6. What I meant to say is that I agree with Amusing Bunni!

  7. Ok, duh. I should have figger'd that out. But I don't want anybody else to know about how you got ACORN to rig the point scale, so I'm leaving you at +4. Until the check clears, at least. :)

  8. Blow the baby up, man ... Barry will anyway if he wins again -- or rather, he'll set off his red debt will set off a black hole that will suck everything in its path into oblivion for all eternity.

  9. death by barry would be slow, torturous and it would affect my kids for their whole lives. death by
    universe, i guess, would be quick and clean. so no i still wouldn't vote for obama in 2012.

  10. Now wait a minit; if I vote por Obabble in 2012, it will hasten our infinite nothingness or it will prevent it?

    I am gonna wait on this one, cuz if I get the pot o'gold that he has promised us, you bet I'll vote for him. Heck, I'll even give up my guns!

    Somehow I think my guns are safe and my vote is still "Nay" on the Barry.

  11. I know this defeats the purpose, but my answer is very simple:

    "Give me liberty or give me death."


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