Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Grrr! Say it right, moron!

AM reception is awful at work today, so I'm listening to the oldies on FM.  They just played that Steely Dan song which has a line "I crossed my old man back in Ore-uh-GONE" repeated over and over.

Blood boiling.  Must simmer down.


People, pay attention.  If you say "Ore-uh-GONE" you are a dolt.  Real Oregonians blow right past that middle syllable like a drunk ignoring a stop sign.  Occasionally we slow down enough that it kind of counts as a diphthong, but just barely.  Most of us say it in such a way that it sounds just like "organ".  As in "if you say it like ore-uh-Gone, you'll soon be an organ donor!"

There is a lot to like about Organ, especially the western half or so.  Within about an hour's drive I can be at the coast, the ski slopes, or cool places to hike and plink.  Come on by and visit.  But if you say "ore-uh-Gone" in my presence, I'll reach right into the river, pull out a steelhead with my bare hands, and smack you with it. 


  1. Is Orgun or Orgun State going to play Ohio State??

  2. Sailingbum, the Organ Ducks (Duck Organs?) have the home field and are favored by 10 last I saw. While I thoroughly despise them, I will be honest and say they are a good team and my Organ State Beavers are going to have to play a heck of a game to get the win. But it's plenty do-able.

    I really want a OSU/OSU, excuse me, OSU/THE OSU matchup in the Rose.

    Never understood why Ohio State is so fussy about the "the".

  3. This is what I've heard also..

    As far as the "The":
    Presumptuous twits/rubes..
    Flyover country..

    Not bad people just misguided..

  4. Looks like someone's feeling better, eh? I don't miss work often either but this week has been begging for me to stay home.Hope you are feeling alright ;-)

  5. Thanks, Red. Not all the way better but close enough to fake it through the day - it's not like being an engraver is real physically demanding.

  6. Hey, didn´t know you lived in Oregon. I lived in Baker City for about 3 years. Waaaaaaaaaay east. When we heard somebody say OriGONE, we´d just ask, "OriGONE? Where´d it go?"

    For what it´s worth ;-)


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