Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Humpday Happy Happies!

The schadenfreude hangs thick in the air like THC at a Grateful Dead concert. Frank J advises moderation, but I'm planting my face in my big stash of schadenfreude and inhaling deeply.  Consequences, schmonsequences.  I know you've all seen all this somewhere else by now, but I just can't remain silent any longer!

My binge started last night.  Governor Arnie said some dumbtastic stuff about Sarah Palin and California's economy.  With Gore still licking his wounds from tangling with Palin, one might think Ahnold would've thought twice before saying such things.  Well, he did think twice, and he was wrong both times.  Greener than thou.  Heh.

You won't like me when I'm stupid

Then we hear more news from Copenhagen.  More Heh.  When Heritage AND Politico are calling the summit things like "chaos" and "disaster" I start getting encouraged.  First Barry didn't want to go, then he decided he will attend the tail end of it.  Triumphant return or something.  What does he think he'll accomplish?  I just hope he cleans the stuff he steps in off his shoes before getting back aboard AF1. 

They always say the drugs and whores
are cheap in Copenhagen
I hope I don't come home with sores
after I go hoggin' 

Wait.  It gets better.  Senator Coburn (and later, Senator DeMint) demanded a full reading of confessed socialist Bernie Sanders' Single-Payer healthcare amendment to BarryCare.  The Senate clerk toiled away at reading it for quite a while before Bernie's boypanties bunched up beyond bearing and Sanders removed the amendment from consideration.  Must not let bills be actually read, ya know.

Those were all cool and stuff, but not really enough to make a decent post I thought to myself.  But when I saw this post at HotAir I nearly lost it.  This is too good to be true!  SEIU turning on Obama?  AFL-CIO turning on The One?  Is it a full moon or sumpthin?  Everything these liblosers touch turns to turd.  At this rate, ACORN will have to disown Obama, not the other way around. 

As I write this, it's only 3:45 in the afternoon Pacific time.  There's still time today for the dems to screw up even more.  Maybe they will, maybe they won't.  But for now, let us just bask in their idiocy.

Michelle Obama needs more boob belts


  1. Wow Innominatus! This has cheered me up considerably. Great post and links, I LUV IT!
    It's had to keep up on all of this whilst I"m being tortured at work.

    Barry the failure better not go to nopenhagen thinking he'll save the day. Remember what happened when he showed up there the last day trying to push through the olympics in Chicago...Miserable failure, it will happen again! Yipee! Doing happy dance!

  2. Well, it's been said that when your opponent is self destructing, don't interfere! Make some popcorn, grab a beverage, and enjoy the show!

  3. AB - If Barry shows his face in Dopenhagen, the protesters there will pelt him w/ snowballs... Hmmm... Maybe his trip there is a good idea after all

    Matt - They couldn't screw it up much worse even if we were coaching them.

    Velcro - As a big famous blogger who really doesn't do anything but put up lists of links would say: "Indeed"

    Odie - Yep. He's an actor who is used to trying to please his audience. He'll say/do whatever those around him want him to. If you get too sick of it, I have a spare room up here in Oregon. We're pretty much just like California except we're behind by a couple years. Oregon is like Gray Davis stupid. We haven't caught up to Arnie level stupid. Yet.

  4. Basking in the idiocy of Democrats is kinda like taking candy from a baby. Sure it's fun. But where's the sport?

    Oh hell, I'll still do it.

  5. Indeed a fruitful day. Like hyenas getting all amped up on dead zebra, except the hyenas are not as disgusting to look at, and they're tons smarter than democraps.

  6. Poor Jamie. He'll have to have his version of Obama stop wearing the SEIU badge, I guess. Naaaahh.

  7. I still think the Donkey-Punchers are gonna pass some dog's lunch of a bill.

    Still, it's amazing watching how our boy-genius President somehow looks like the inexperienced Illinois hack that most of us on right said he was right from the start. Now the left is stuck with this no-talent assclown dragging their party into ineptitude for the next two years.

    Schadenfruede totally rules.


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