Monday, December 14, 2009

Hide the decline in approval ratings

World-famous golfer, hoop shooter and Lightworker Barry Obama continues to suffer declining approval ratings.  Rasmussen's latest numbers show the overrated chief executive with only a 44% approval number, with those strongly disapproving now outnumbering those who strongly approve by 19%.  When asked by Oprah how he'd rate his first year, The One With An Unconquerable Self Image rates himself a B+.  Researchers at East Anglia University have been toiling away on a model that accounts for this disparity between Obama's interpretation of reality and the raw data compiled by Rasmussen, but an anonymous insider relates that "the fudge factors required to homogenize these results are so outrageous" as to cast doubt on the validity of their study.

Others are taking the news more cheerfully.  Brian Bosworth, whose NFL career is considered by many to be the biggest disappointment of the last hundred years, recently tweeted that he is "very relieved that somebody has finally come along and been a bigger let-down than myself. LOL."

This post has undergone vigorous peer review for accuracy but its humor content is still subject to dispute.
Michelle Obama needs more boob belts


  1. President Obama, the self indulgent narcissistic self engaged boob that he is, would naturally see himself as the competent administrator of a government run amok.

    We are indeed living in troubled times!

  2. Well, as an old linebacker enthusiast, I am reading the offense (and i do mean offense) has a plan to fake a handoff up the middle of the middlclass, turn to half-bake Pelosi and shovel-pass, she is then to reverse lateral to Reid, who then tosses back to Obama who intentionally grounds the ball, and blames it on Bush.

    15 yards, unsportsmanlike conduct. 10 yards for being a crybaby, and only 4 years for fooling 52% of Americans during the longest campaign in history.

    Heck, even Bosworth could see that coming a mile away.

  3. Rational, I s'pose that's what we get for electing a guy with two autobiograpies but no executive experience. (Here I stop lest I break my own rules about profanity!)

    aA, in the scenario you describe, I would be in favor Roughing the (bill) Passer.

  4. Ah...the LOL at the end of Roidworth's statement makes it that much more believable.

  5. The football player would know.
    Barry has to grow into that suit more. and the pResident's suit too. He's like a 4 year old.

    No matter how you'd dress him up, he still looks like an effeminate, ineffectual weenie. B+, my foot...he's a ZZZ - and a jerk. Anyone that watched okra and those two abominations should have a padded cell waiting for them. I might torture myself doing play by plays of press conf's, but I'd sooner poke my eyes out w/hot javelins than sit thru that!

  6. Excellent idea to consult an expert in unconstrained hubris.

  7. Word has it that BO has discovered secret emails between Rahm and Gibbs that purport to hide poll data...


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