Monday, December 21, 2009

For the record

If you came here expecting some sarcasm or humor, presently I have none to offer.  Hopefully soon.  Perhaps the writing of this post will provide some relief of the anger that is clogging up the ducts of my funny gland.  We shall see.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.
from the US Declaration of Independence                   

I pay my taxes.  Last year there were unexpected tax liabilities that I could not afford to pay by filing time.  I now work two jobs.  Most of that extra income continues to go towards catching up on those old taxes.  The rest goes towards keeping my household finances above water, for I am very committed to being one who pulls the wagon rather than one who gets a free ride on it.  I pay gas taxes and vehicle fees yet find potholes in the roads.  My taxes go towards public education, yet few students make it through the system with a decent education.  Yes, I grumble about such things.  I grumble aloud; I grumble on the blog.  I grumble to my elected representatives.  But my actions stop at grumbling, for these are evils that are sufferable.  I've even been arrested once:  My concealed handgun permit was expired and it would take a few days to get it renewed, but I carried anyway. One of my dear, sweet co-workers became aware of my situation, and thought it was something the Sheriff ought to know about.  I offered no resistance and even had a pleasant conversation with the arresting deputy as he drove me "downtown."  Many later told me they thought it was flat-out sh*tty that I was arrested for that.  Yes or no, I had done wrong, so the deputy was acting within his lawful authority when he arrested me.  Lawful authority is not my enemy.  Ever.

The Senate recently voted for cloture on the hideous healthcare bill.  Nothing has been formally enacted and signed into law.  There even remains a possibility that no bill will be passed.  The versions of the bill that are advancing, though, contain language mandating that individual Americans purchase government-approved health insurance.  Penalties for non-compliance can include prison, with the IRS empowered to enforce compliance.  The government does not possess the authority to impose this mandate, despite claims to the contrary from Pelosi and others.  Nancy Pelosi can say the moon is made of green cheese.  She can believe it in her heart and speak it with all conviction, but that does not mean she is correct.  Similarly, the constitutionality of this mandate.  The power is not there.  Nancy Pelosi can believe in her heart that this mandate is constitutional, and say so with all conviction, but it simply is not. 

My own decisions and circumstances will determine whether I have health insurance.  Government approvals and mandates will not factor in my decision, nor even influence it in the least.  I will not be participating in any government healthcare system.  Period.  If I die a slow and miserable death because I am not enrolled in a government program, so be it.  That is an evil that to me is sufferable.  If an agent of the IRS or other agency should decide that my non-compliance calls for my arrest, then the line between sufferable and insufferable evils is crossed.  A kidnapper is one who holds me against my will with no lawful authority to do so.  I would be willing to use elevated levels of force- even lethal force - to thwart a kidnapping attempt on me or my family.  One who has a badge and a standard-issue weapon and an authoritative title on his business card, yet lacks legitimate constitutional authority, is a mere kidnapper.  Having a mandate thrust upon me against my will differs much from my voluntary participation in my state's concealed handgun program.  My response to being arrested for not complying with that mandate will also differ.  Much.


  1. i'm about this far from "abolishing the forms to which i am accustomed".

    no not funny but very good post

  2. I hope your dear, sweet coworker get arrested. Soon.

  3. I hope "dear sweet co-worker" finds him/herself in the position of needing a firearm but lacking.

  4. That happened in the fall of '99. "Dear, sweet" co-worker moved to the other side of the state in early 2000 and hasn't been heard from since.

  5. I completely agree with you, but in saying that I'm afraid we are all blaming the wrong people. We are a Representative Republic. The party in control of both houses and the White House are doing what we all knew they would if they got complete control. Blame the uneducated wanting class and the voters with buyers remorse.

    They have been planning this for a long time. "They" have been educating our children, running our news outlets, running the unions, and even rewriting our language. Our elected officials know that the U.S.S.R. and Cuba would have worked had only they been in charge of them.

    Just as the terrorists woke up this sleeping giant, so have the liberals. Down the road they won't know what hit them ....

  6. Red - Weaver may have been a freak, but he didn't deserve to have his family shot up. It's one of the things I hate most about the Clinton administration. Thanky for the linky, too!

    labcat - thanks.

    Odie - You make good sense. But it is both easier and more fun to vent at Obama/Reid/Pelosi than anonymous foolish voters.

  7. Wow, Innominatus. That is such an awful thing to happen to you. And I thought the bitches I work with were back stabbing scum bags! I would be madder than hell too, but what can you do?

    It's just disgusting that the good people get picked on for the silliest things, and the real criminals are sneaking around at one in the morning, destroying all our freedoms! I know you probably want to get back at the "sweet" co-worker some how, but take it from one who knows, and who has had more sh8T done to them...just let God take care of it. He will deliver punishment to them, in his own way and time. But, if you anonymously turn the turd into the irs or somewhere, that can't hurt.

    In spite of all this crap. I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and I hope the NEW Year will be better. Take care, Bunni

  8. That's what I'm saying: start taking a stand and look what happens. Uncle Sam sends in the goon squad to set things 'right'. SO wrong.

  9. @innominatus: This is superb man.
    @wooderstman. Damn straight man.

  10. First of all, I know the feeling of working your hiney off to keep afloat and have a large part of the useful income confiscated by the IRS; you have my sympathies.

    Secondly, the co-worker that ratted you out just fired up the anger center in my brain, even though it's been a decade. You were absolutely no more of a threat for those few days, but some weasel decided that this was their chance to make a statement about the right to carry a weapon.

    THIRD and finally; I agree one hundred percent with the last part of your post. I would really really find it difficult to use my weapon to defend me or my family from one that was commissioned to "protect and serve", and yet I find myself trying hard to make the decision now before it becomes necessary to make it for reals.

    You are an eloquent man, my friend. And you speak the truth.

  11. I find so many parallels with the Quebec Act, the Coercive Act, the Stamp Act, generally referred to by colonists as "the Intolerable Acts", and what is happening today. Taxation without representation is one thing, but taxation without representation is another. Yes, the phrases were the same. I'm waiting for the equivalent of the "Boston Massacre", when the equivalent of a Tea Party protest turned violent because trigger happy Brits fired into a crowd killing 5 Americans... I'm not advocating violence..not yet anyway.


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