Thursday, November 19, 2009

The vermin shalt perish

Not feeling very good. Don't know if I'll be able to live up to my average of about .84 posts/day. But it isn't all bad news. The mouse that has been pooping on my desk in the shop area has been bested. He died from lack of healthcare coverage and nutri-grain-bar-baited mousetrap, but mostly nutri-grain-bar-baited mousetrap.

If you're ever lacking for cheese or peanut butter, the corner of one of these is sweet, yummy death to bug-eyed rodents:

Yes, Amusing Bunni, the mouse was kind of cute.


  1. So it was just the Nutri-grain bar that killed the mouse or the metal trap attached to it?

  2. Red - All mousetrap. The bar was just bait. Feel free to wolf on nutrigrain bars like I do, without fear of toxicity.

    Disclaimer: I am neither a doctor nor a dietician. My nutrigrain opinions are just my opinions and not a clinical recommendation. If you get sick and/or die of acute nutrigrain overdose, I will not be held responsible.

  3. I was cleaning my garage yesterday so Mama's car could come in for the winter. As I was moving so of my wood stash around I came upon a mouse nest. Around here that can mean Hunta Virus. So very carefully it was removed and traps set.

    I don't have Nutri-grain, but peanut butter works great.

  4. I've read that virus is almost as bad as ebola. Bleedin' out the eyeballs and stuff. Scary.

  5. Awwwwww, thanks for the shout out Innominatus. You know how I love animals, but I draw the line at vermin....obummer included...hee hee.

    Now, if the Mouse looked like this, maybe I'll make
    an exception:


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