Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Stress! It's what's for lunch! I had some really deep thoughts regarding the elections last night, but I was really tired. I am also prone to procrastination. So I figured I'd sleep on it and post them between jobs today at work. Unfortunately, my main money maker (no, I'm not talking about my fabulous body) crapped out and left me scrambling. Y-Axis is having intermittent failures, and the motor is somehow getting a trickle of current even when the power supply is off. Can you spell S-H-O-R-T??

Anyway, there were three big elections last night. One violent stomping, one pretty solid win, and one disappointing loss. Even the loss was barely a loss in that there were really 3 possible outcomes: a conservative win, a democrat win, or a McNasty liberal RINO win. We got the dem, which I consider the middle choice. Easier to unseat a dem next year in the general than a RINO in the primaries. So we got 2 out of 3. Or even 2.5 out of three. But I don't think anybody ever wrote a song about two-and-a-half out of three. We'll settle for just 2:

Meat Loaf. It's what's for dinner.


  1. Meh. Not too shabby. It's a start anyway.

  2. You should of heard Newt back peddling today on Hannity today.

  3. I don't know if newt was actually apologizing, or just doing damage control. He's a politician first. Sometimes, ya never know.

    Good post innominatus, good video too. A perfect fit.

  4. The results are encouraging for 2010. And Hoffman's campaigning for that seat in NY-23 in 2010 -- gotta love that!

  5. great vid but you're making me hungry


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