Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DC sniper die! die! die!

Virginia Governor (for a little while longer) and still DNC bigwig Tim Kaine finally did something right and denied clemency to the DC sniper who will be executed later today.

That right there makes me want to run for governor. It would be fun to wait 'til the needles are just going into the perp's arm and then call the emergency clemency phone. When the bad guy thinks he's just been spared I'd say "Oh, sorry! Wrong number! I was trying to order a pizza from Domino's and I must have mis-dialed. Carry on!"


  1. The death penality is something I struggle with, but in this case, it's deserved.

  2. Crispy fried maniac! I approve.

  3. The most despicable and subhuman killers need to get kilt.

    The thing that bums me out is that the Hasan character from the Ft Hood terrorist attack is probably going to avoid getting crushed by a garbage truck like I think he should be. He's all lawyered up and ready to use the system he hates so much to get hisself not kilt.

    But Mon Johammed is a good use of the death penalty.

  4. Oh sorry, wrong number ... I like that a lot !

  5. To add to the killer's torment, just before they kill him, force him to listen to Donna Summer's version of Macarthur park a couple times. Make him feel pain!

  6. Infidel, you are truly cruel. What about them that witness the executionalizing? They have to hear it, too! The guards?

    Sorry, too risky.

    UNLESS you gave it to him on a ZUNE, then you could execute the Zune, too!

    I'd go for that.


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