Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Distant hoofbeats of tyranny

Alert innominatus reader and generally far-above-average-guy aA points me at this Reuters article from last month. It describes a treaty being discussed among arms-exporting nations. "Interesting" that it hasn't gotten wider play in the media. Ya see, the totalitarian little dictators don't like their uppity little peons having guns. And squishy socialists don't like guns, mostly because they are loud and "scary" and the girly little socialists keep wrecking their manicures when trying to rack the slide on a 1911. So the totalitarian dictators and squishy socialists (but I repeat myself) got together a few years ago and tried to work out a treaty where all arms exporting countries would really get in there and extra-super-regulate the manufacture, sale, and transfer of firearms. Ostensibly to keep guns out of the hands of bad guys, but no doubt also making it way harder for ordinary Americans to obtain them. President Bush's response was a rhetorical "can you see my middle finger yet?" but of course Obama and SoS Clinton aren't so opposed and talks are being renewed.

So, when we put our ears to the ground (hey, did you know Obama can do that without even bending over?) we hear the distant hoofbeats of oppression bearing down on us. The enemy is still far off in the distance and there is no need yet of panic. The US, so far, is demanding conditions that will probably kill the thing. And even if it passed it wouldn't be implemented for a couple years. So it isn't panic time, it is preparation time. But the move is on and must not be ignored. Do you really think an international treaty regulating the transfer of firearms would only affect big export deals without mucking things up for Joe the Gun Enthusiast? Nah. Remember that treaties supersede the Constitution. If ratified, some totalitarian socialist with a bad haircut and a corner office at the UN would be in charge of deciding whether we were living up to our treaty obligations. That's a big bowl of scaryberries right there.

So, like I said, don't panic. Prepare. And think real hard about who your Senators are, because they are the ones who would ratify a treaty.

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  1. I humbly accept your flowery words on my behalf, Mr No-Name, and would remind all of the gentle readers to let their representation in Warshington know that you are watching, and not allow their pale, spindly little arms to be twistied by Bomama and his minions. No matter if they are Red or Blue...


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